Rogan’s List for July 20, 2023

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July 20, 2023

Inhumane treatment in the Rio Grande, Freedom to Vote Act, infrastructure hypocrisy, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • SPEAK OUT AGAINST MIGRANTS BEING PUSHED BACK INTO THE RIO-GRANDEA Texas State trooper-medic has blown the whistle, reporting that troopers were given orders to push migrants attempting to cross the border (including women with nursing babies) back into the Rio Grande and not to give them water, despite the intense heat. Texas has also installed barrels with barbed wire to act as a barrier against crossing, which have resulted in several injuries. As the trooper noted, this inhumane treatment is over the top, and we need to speak out now! Let’s ask the White House and the Department of Homeland Security (202-282-8495) to intervene and stop these horrendous activities immediately!
  • DEADLINE TODAY TO TELL THE DEPT OF EDUCATION TO OFFER STUDENT LOAN DEBT RELEIFPresident Biden still has a chance to relieve the crushing burden of student loan debt from millions of borrowers and we can help.  Under the Higher Education Act, the Secretary of Education can change or waive student loan payments, but there is a long administrative process to get through before this relief can be officially offered to many who need it. As part of the process, the Department of Education is asking for our comments, wanting to know what we think about them using the Higher Education Act to offer borrowers some debt relief. Now MoveOn is offering us a way to make our voices heard and demand fairness for overburdened borrowers. The deadline is this Thursday, July 20. We can click here to leave our comments and help make student loan debt relief a reality. 

    We’re less than two weeks away from the beginning of the biggest single-employer strike in American history, with UPS refusing to come to a deal with the Teamsters. This would bring the world’s biggest package courier to a standstill as 340,000 workers walk off the job. Workers have won key victories at the negotiating table, including air conditioning in trucks and ending tiered pay, but continue to push for less surveillance, no subcontracting and fair pay for part-time workers – who made up 60% of the workforce for UPS as they recorded nearly $14 billion in profits in 2022. Teamsters President Sean O’Brien has urged the White House not to intervene in the event of a strikeLet’s  contact the White House to tell them we want them to heed O’Brien’s request and stand with the workers. We can also use this tool from More Perfect Union to let UPS management know we want a fair deal, and sign up here for updates from the Teamsters.

  • SUPPORT THE FREEDOM TO VOTE ACTWhile the GOP pushes a voter suppression bill in Congress, Democrats have reintroduced the Freedom to Vote Act. If passed, the Act would make November Election Day a public holiday, enact automatic voter registration in every state, require same-day voter registration across the country, end partisan gerrymandering, and moreLet’s read the not-yet numbered bill here, and lets tell our Members of Congress to cosponsor the Freedom to Vote Act and see it through to passage. We can also share these prepared messages from DemCast to our social media.  And let’s also make sure we’re signed up for election reminders—we don’t want to miss our chance to elect a Congress and President who will protect our voting rights in 2024.

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