Election time in Virginia. Let’s roll.

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What’s At Stake in Virginia this year?

On Tuesday, June 20, Virginia will hold its primary, and then our work begins to help our partners gain back the House of Delegates and keep the Senate. Progress was made on many issues in 2020-2021 when the  Democrats controlled both chambers and the governorship. Here are just some of the issues that moved forward and that are now at stake:

  • Gun Control: background checks, extreme risk protective orders,  and extended local authority to jurisdictions to regulate firearms in certain circumstances, like public spaces, buildings, and permitted events, a one-gun-per-month purchase limitation
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: banned discrimination in employment and public accommodations, a law prohibiting “conversion therapy,” an easier process for changing birth certificates, and expanding hate crime protections
  • Climate: stricter environmental goals for energy utilities, tighter clean car standards, joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • Reproductive Rights: repealed medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion care, allowed abortion coverage in health insurance plans, ensured access to birth control

    In the coming months, we are asking you to join us in calling and texting voters, staffing voter assistance hotlines, writing postcards, and raising money!  You can start right now by donating to our June beneficiary: Planned Parenthood of Virginia.

Fund the Movement
June Beneficiary

Maintaining abortion access in Virginia is critical for the entire southeastern United States, where 19 states have eliminated all or some abortions. Your donation to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia will support paid canvassers in Richmond, a swing area of the state, where some of the best opportunities to flip seats can be found. Door knocking will be crucial to turn out voters who don’t always vote in off-year elections but who care deeply about reproductive rights. 

Donate Now!

Let’s Talk

In recent elections, we learned about “deep canvassing,” where we engage with voters about the issues that concern them. We don’t just ask them to vote for someone. We have real conversations with people to build connections, whether it’s in person or on the phone. “Let’s Talk” will focus on information about what is happening in our target states so that we can engage with voters on a real-life level.

Wealth Inequality 
Whiteville, North Carolina

71% of Americans think the economy is rigged against them. They’re right, according to a bunch of millionaires.

The Patriotic Millionaires (PM) believe that corporations and wealthy people like them should pay more taxes and the minimum wage should be higher. Its members see inequality as a danger — they worry big money corrupts politics and drives civil unrest. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts largely benefited them, not the middle-class or low-wage workers. “We hit a wall,” says Erica Payne, the group’s founder. “We have hammered them on both sides of the aisle for 12 years, OK. It’s time to go to the people who hand them their power.” PM is now going out to rural counties in key swing states to try to rally those who are not benefiting from America’s incredible wealth.

A recent NPR story focused on the Patriotic Millionaires talking with people in Whiteville, North Carolina. Whiteville, with a population of less than 5,000, is in a swing state where the minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour, the same as the federal rate, which hasn’t been raised since 2009. North Carolina even prohibits cities from boosting their own minimum wage.

In the story, PM organizers point out that low-wage workers make up more than 40% of the labor force. They could be a powerful voting force if they understand how the system works against them and if they can realize the power they have in advocating and voting. PM is providing the knowledge and tools to do this.NPR Program Link:  “These millionaires want to tax the rich, and they’re lobbying working-class voters”

Jamie Insley, Brittany McMillian, and April Thomas have been attending Patriotic Millionaire meetings in Whiteville, North Carolina. They say what they’ve learned has helped them understand why it’s become harder to make a good living.

Mingle to Mobilize Event on Saturday June 24.
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