Rogan’s List for June 16, 2023

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June 16, 2023

Gun control, green banks, foreign interference in US elections, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

    This Tuesday, June 20, marks the primary for November’s Virginia legislative elections, and all eyes are on the 13th State Senate District where Lashrecse Aird is taking on incumbent Joe Morrissey. This race could be crucial to the fate of abortion rights in Virginia: Morrissey is an anti-abortion Democrat, and Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has pushed for expanding restrictions on reproductive rights. The Democrats hold a 22-18 majority in the current senate, but Morrissey’s vote could easily push forced birther laws over the top. Aird has secured the support of numerous Democrats in the Virginia State Senate against their own colleague along with abortion advocates including Planned Parenthood and EMILY’S List, but she needs every bit of support she can get to unseat Morrissey. Let’s sign up for a phonebank shift during GOTV here.

  • FIGHT FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN U.S. ELECTIONSVerified foreign interference in U.S. elections did not stop in 2016; it is very much ongoing, says Laura Thornton, vice president for democracy at the German Marshall Fund, a pro-democracy nonprofit. If passed, the  DISCLOSE Act, will, among other things, strengthen laws prohibiting the financing of U.S. campaigns by foreign nationals, including for federal judicial nominations and ballot initiatives, and put teeth into enforcement, including criminal penalties. Not a single Republican Senator has co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act. If we have a Republican U.S. Senator, let’s ask them why they are not fighting foreign interference in U.S. elections, and let’s demand that they co-sponsor S.513.

  • SUPPORT WRITERS ON STRIKEWith the writers’ strike now in its seventh week, other unionized workers are showing up in solidarity.  “Writers are facing the most comprehensive assault on compensation and working conditions that they have seen in a generation. The studios have taken advantage of the transition to streaming to underpay entertainment industry workers, including writers in every area of work. Like too many working people across our economy, as corporate profits grow, writers are just not keeping up. Stand with the 11,500 WGA members who write and produce the TV and films that entertain the world!” Whether we are in Los Angeles or not, this link gives up-to-date information on writers’ demands, where and when we can participate in strike actions, and more. 




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