Rogan’s List for June 13, 2023

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June 13, 2023

Impact of poverty, current root cause of inflation, summer bootcamp for Gen Z, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

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  • INFLATION—RAISING INTEREST RATES IS NOT ENOUGHFormer U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich reports that what’s driving inflation now is not an overheated economy, but big corporations raising prices—not to cover their costs, but to increase their profits. Under these circumstances, Reich argues, it makes no sense to try to tame inflation by raising interest rates, because that’s not what the problem is—and doing so hurts workers and consumers. Reich recommends legislation that would (1) bust up monopolies, (2) fine corporations that price-gouge, and (3) impose a corporate windfall profits tax. This, Reich says, should be a major campaign issue for 2024, with Democrats asking the public: Do you want more jobs and higher wages, or do you want large corporations making fatter profits by raising prices? Let’s read Reich’s blog post, and let’s urge our Democratic Members of Congress to file the legislation he describes.

  • ASK GOP MOCS TO RECOGNIZE RULE OF LAW AND TO CAUTION THEIR SUPPORTERS AGAINST VIOLENCEWith today’s arraignment, sadly, but not surprisingly, many GOP congress members are rallying to Trump’s defense and blaming Biden and the Democrats (rather than the grand jury who voted for it) for Trump’s indictment, and disregarding the overwhelming evidence suggesting that crimes were likely to have been committed. Even more disturbing are statements like the tweet from Rep. Andy Biggs, who said, “We have now reached a war phase. Eye for an eye.” While our American justice system hinges on the notion of innocence until proven guilty, incitements to violence, which are already fomenting among the nation’s far right, do not need encouragement from our government.  If we have Republican MoCs, let’s tell them we want them to let the rule of law take its course, to stop making statements that put the lives of their constituents in danger, and warn their supporters against violent acts of so-called retribution.

  • SUMMER BOOTCAMP FOR GEN Z ORGANIZERSIf we are, or know any, Gen Z activists looking to improve skills and connect with a national organizing network, Voters of Tomorrow has an exciting opportunity just for us.   With volunteers in all 50 states, Voters for Tomorrow works to get voters ages 17-29 to the polls. They were very active in the last election, contacting their target voters over six million times. Now they’re looking to pass on organizing skills to Gen Z activists looking for the next step with a Summer Bootcamp, where we can learn to organize, advocate, and build successful partnerships to create effective change in our communities. The sessions run for six weeks from mid-July through mid-August, with a one-hour long session each week. We can find out more about the Voters of Tomorrow Summer 2023 Bootcamp and then, if we like, apply here or share this information with any Gen Z activists we think might be interested.




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