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This month marks the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down years of settled law by overturning Roe v. Wade.

Now, Ohioans are fighting to defend reproductive freedom and access at the state level with a citizen-led initiative that will be on the ballot this year. But Ohio Republicans are trying to get in our way.

To try and STOP voters from enshrining reproductive rights into the state constitution this year, Republicans want to raise the success threshold for citizen-led ballot initiatives to 60 percent. We have to vote NO against their sham proposal on August 8.

It is crucial that Ohio voters come together as a united front and send a powerful message to those trying to impede progress. So we need to know: Can we count on you to vote NO on August 8 to save citizen-led ballot initiatives, Erica?

YES – I’m voting NO!


I’m undecided

This month’s anniversary serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing fight for reproductive freedom and access. The Ohio Democratic Party needs your support now more than ever as we face an uphill battle against those who seek to sabotage the reproductive freedom ballot initiative.

The Republican efforts to dismantle reproductive freedom are not only an assault on women’s rights — but an attack on fundamental principles of equality and personal autonomy. We cannot allow extreme politicians to dictate the fate of reproductive freedom in Ohio.

To gauge the strength of our supporters and gather essential data, it’s crucial that as many folks as possible take our short poll. Click here to take the poll to let us know if you’ll be voting NO on August 8 to save citizen-led ballot initiatives.

Thank you,

Ohio Democratic Party

The Ohio Democratic Party is working year-round to elect Democrats who will fight for working families all over the Buckeye State. Will you pitch in $10 or more right away? Every dollar you give helps build a blue Ohio.



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