North Carolina, A Must Win in 2024

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Reproductive rights, gun control, the climate crisis, and many other issues that are important to people’s lives will be decided in state legislatures. What happens in one state affects us all.

Just look at what happened in North Carolina yesterday. Last weekend, Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill banning abortion after 12 weeks. Yesterday after the Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto, the supermajority Republican-controlled House followed the party line and voted for the override. The loss of reproductive rights in North Carolina will affect women from surrounding states who have relied on NC for reproductive healthcare access. It also emboldens other states to pass similar anti-reproductive rights legislation. 

This is one of the reasons we’re pushing you to support Put NC First, an organization breathing new life into progressive power building. 

Recognizing the lack of national money and attention on NC, Put NC First built a support network to fund permanent progressive infrastructure by identifying organizations that are most effective at reaching voters and ensuring they get the funding and support they need to build their programs. Early money means these leaders are in place a full year before election-crunch time.

So donate and join us on May 23 from 7:30 -8:30 EDT. 

Donate here and join us on the 23rd!

Upon donating, you will receive a Mobilize link that will allow you to register for Put NC Over the Top featuring Rep. Jamie Raskin and Jessica Cravens on May 23, at 7:30. More information here.

Some Good News in Pennsylvania 

A special election in a district that could have flipped the State House to the Republicans instead stayed in Democratic hands, according to The Associated Press. Heather Boyd, a former legislative aide, and one-time teacher, won the special election in the 163rd Legislative District in southeast Delaware County.

This election was crucial to protecting reproductive rights in Pennsylvania. If Boyd had lost, Republicans would have used their legislative majority to bypass the governor’s veto power by placing an abortion ban amendment on the ballot for voters to decide.

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