IC-SS News 04-03-23: You + Election Day!

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IC-SS Weekly News: April 3, 2023

Elections Today!

Election Day is today, Tuesday, April 4th – in Chicago and in Wisconsin. There is still time to act.

Vote Today, Tuesday, April 4th – is your last day to vote in the Chicago run-off election. Spread the word: in a tight race, every vote counts!

Check the Chicago Board of Elections website for all the info

1. Voting by mail. If you have a mail ballot, drop it in an official drop box today, check locations and hours. Or mail it in time to be postmarked no later than April 4.

2. Vote in your precinct today, Tuesday, April 4 (6:00 am-7:00 pm). See a list of ward/precinct polling places or, better, search for your own polling placeRemember: Some precincts have NEW locations!

Get Out the Vote for Brandon Johnson

This is it, everyone! In the hours remaining, let’s give our all to elect Brandon Johnson.


  • From home, phone Chicago supporters of Brandon Johnson and make sure they get out to vote. Via Zoom, you’ll get all the info you need. Sign up: Dialing 4 Brandon!
  • Find in-person and all other volunteer activities here today and tomorrow – filter by area, see top buttons.
  • Visit the Brandon Johnson website to donate & volunteer.

NOTEIn the weeks before the runoff, the Indivisible Chicago-South Side chapter didn’t undertake a separate, formal endorsement for Brandon Johnson, but we know our progressive membership overwhelmingly prefers Johnson over right-wing Vallas.

Get Out the WI Vote for Janet Protasiewicz

Our last chance to help Wisconsin elect a liberal to the state Supreme Court – to protect reproductive rights, voting rights, democracy!


  • From home: Join WisDems on Zoom and make critical get-out-the-vote phone calls to Wisconsin voters who support Janet Protasiewicz for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Pick your day and time – sign up!
  • In Milwaukee: Got a car and some free time on Tuesday? Knock doors in Milwaukee with WisDems. Sign up.

 Wisconsin Letters Are in the Mail!
Last week, Indivisible Chicago-South Siders joined our Vote Forward letter leader Steve Kagan to write the last of our 1000+ letters to Wisconsin voters in advance of tomorrow’s state Supreme Court election.

Finishing our 1000+ Wisconsin letters! (Photos: Esther Peters, Steve Kagan)

After we furiously finished the final letters, Steve carted them to the post office to go out in time to reach our Wisconsin recipients just before the election. Watch for the whole story next week!

Organizations and Opportunities

Indivisible Chicago-South Side shares information and actions from other organizations on issues important in our country, state, city, and communities.

Catch Up on Police Accountability

We’ve been following the implementation of Chicago’s ECPS ordinance for police accountability. As a reminder, ECPS provides for two bodies: the appointed Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) and the elected set of 22 District Councils, one per Chicago police district.

Want to view the most recent CCPSA meeting? View the recording of the March 30 CCPSA meeting held at Truman College in Uptown.

The CCPSA meeting agenda included these items:

  • Superintendent search updates
  • CPD goal setting updates
  • Update: Response received on “gang database” order
  • Update: Response sent on Associations order
  • Police Board Updates

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