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BIG Announcement Coming!!

Ohio Democrats have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon 


Reproductive Rights

Signature collection to put reproductive rights on the ballot will begin this weekend. Ohio Democrats are partnering with reproductive rights champions who are leading the ballot initiative as we work together to tell GOP politicians: we won’t go back.

There is a long road ahead. To place the initiative on the ballot for November 5, the campaign’s organizers hope to gather 800,000 signatures by July 5th. We have already hosted 11 trainings to train 275 people on petition gathering. County parties across the state are hosting their first weekend of action this weekend, and we’re only just getting started.  

Anyone that is willing to put in the work to protect abortion rights can get involved, no matter their background! We need all hands on deck if we want to protect abortion rights in our state.  

Sign up BELOW to learn how you can play a vital role in the reproductive rights ballot initiative campaign!

Sign Up to Protect Reproductive Rights!

Millionaire Melee

We are 592 days away from the 2024 General Election, and the Republican primary for Ohio’s Senate seat is already shaping up to be somehow even more chaotic than 2022. 

Millionaire Matt Dolan is the only candidate to have officially announced a run, but another multi-Millionaire, Bernie Moreno, has started making appearances across the state. You may remember Millionaire Moreno from his failed 2022 senate run where he won the title of first… to drop out of the overcrowded primary. 

Also sniffing around a potential run is Fraudulent Frank LaRose. This is about to get messy. 

Republicans are clearly worried because they know how much Ohioans love our Senator, Sherrod Brown. While they are busy making fools of themselves, Senator Brown continues to fight for Ohioans every day.

Chip in to show your support for Senator Brown and help us our Dignity of Work champion back to Washington.


WARNING: Republicans Incoming

We all heard the statewide emergency siren system test on Wednesday morning. But I have a hunch that it wasn’t really a test.

Watch out everyone because Pence and DeSantis are coming to Ohio.

Pence will make an appearance at the Center for Christian Virtue’s Celebration Gala in May and DeSantis will make his way to Butler and Summit Counties in April on another stop in his presidential exploration tour. Maybe he’ll enjoy some pudding backstage before his speech.

If I know one thing it’s that I will be staying far away from the bad vibes.

State of Affairs

To no one’s surprise, Ohio Republicans are playing dirty again. 

During last year’s lame duck session, Statehouse Republicans introduced a constitutional amendment that would effectively kill citizen-led ballot initiatives in our state. It didn’t pass then, but has been re-introduced this year and legislators heard testimony this week – overwhelmingly in opposition.

The amendment would increase the threshold for support for a citizen-passed ballot initiative to 60% instead of a simple majority plus one. 

Now, Republicans are playing political games to make sure their anti-voter initiative makes it to the ballot when they want it to. 

Remember when republicans passed their anti-voter bill last year? That bill also included a provision where they got rid of most special elections in August. Which begs the question of whether or not it’s legal to hold an August special primary this year.

It’s certainly just a huge coincidence that the Republicans decided to try to pass this bill before a certain reproductive rights amendment could make its way to the ballot in November. There’s definitely nothing fishy going on.

Ballot initiatives give Ohioans the power to make decisions that legislators are obligated to follow. The right to collective bargaining, reproductive rights, and quality education for our kids are all on the line. Not to mention that holding an August primary this year could cost taxpayers up to $20 million.

If you live in Ohio, call your state legislator today and tell them to oppose this bad bill: 1-800-282-0253.


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Until Next Time

It’s a new year and Ohio Democrats are gearing up to re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help Ohio Democrats.

If you’re unsure about how much more you can contribute, simply reply to this email. We’d be happy to help. 

As always, thank you for standing with us. I am immensely grateful for your partnership.


Emily Feltz
Finance Director, Ohio Democrats

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