Republicans Attack Repro Rights….again

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Reproductive Rights

On Monday, the Ohio Ballot Board unanimously certified the proposed abortion language which means signature collection to put the proposed amendment on the ballot in November can begin.

ODP supports the rights of Ohio women to make healthcare decisions for themselves without interference from politicians. We’re thrilled to partner with the reproductive rights champions who are leading this ballot initiative and telling GOP politicians at the statehouse that we won’t go back.

We won’t lie, there is a long road ahead of us. To place the initiative on the ballot for November 5, we hope to gather 800,000 signatures by July 5th. We’ll put it bluntly – we need your help.

We’re asking you to join us by rallying your friends, family, and loved ones to collect signatures to put abortion on the ballot.

Ohio Democrats are organizing across the state for signature gathering weekends of action. We need people willing to take on leadership in this imperative fight. Sign up for this training to learn how you can play a vital role in our reproductive rights ballot initiative campaign! 

Sign Up to Protect Reproductive Rights!

Republicans on the Attack

Right on cue, Republican backed dark money group “Protect Ohio Women” launched a $5 million ad buy attacking the reproductive rights ballot measure.

This group’s misleading name and fear mongering approach is nothing new from Republicans. It shows us that, yet again, Republicans will throw millions of dollars at this issue in an effort to keep control over our state.

If you’re with us on this fight, please consider donating to help fund staff to fuel signature gathering efforts and put abortion on the ballot.

Help Ohio Democrats put Abortion on the Ballot

Supreme Court Challenger

Although we are also in denial, 2024 is right around the corner and candidates are already announcing their intent to run. This week, Republican Judge Megan Shanahan announced she will be running for the Supreme Court in 2024.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we cannot lose the Supreme Court. Too many of our fundamental rights lay in wait.

DeWine has made it clear that he wants to “go as far as we can” to rip away abortion rights in Ohio and signed an executive order mere hours after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, implementing one of the most extreme six-week abortion bans in the country, with no exceptions for rape or incest. 

Although abortion remains legal up to 20-weeks in Ohio thanks to an order from a county judge, the Ohio Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to review the order that is blocking this near-ban on abortion. 

The importance of the Supreme Court cannot be overstated. Donate below to support the Ohio Democrats Judicial Fund.

State of Affairs

While we’ve been busy following the outcomes of the HB 6 trial, (while we await the sentencing, Republicans quietly took down Householder’s portrait) Statehouse Republicans have been carrying on their usual capers.

Amidst all of the GOP in-fighting, it was revealed that almost-speaker Derek Merrin had big plans for taxpayers’ dollars. The list included:

  • plush carpeting
  • New furniture, artwork, bookshelves, lighting and
  • New wall paint with the option for lawmakers’ to pick their desired colors
  • “larger and more regal” signs for lawmakers’ offices

Tag yourself, I’m plush carpeting! 

All jokes aside, while watching the Republicans fumble can be entertaining, let’s be sure to hold them accountable. The state legislature controls the state operating budget which will be passed this year. Let’s hope they’re more conscious about how our hard earned money will be spent across the state than Merrin would have been.

Until Next Time

It’s a new year and Ohio Democrats are gearing up to re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help Ohio Democrats.

If you’re unsure about how much more you can contribute, simply reply to this email. We’d be happy to help. 

As always, thank you for standing with us. I am immensely grateful for your partnership.


Emily Feltz
Finance Director, Ohio Democrats

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