Rogan’s List for March 10, 2023

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Adult guardian crisis, COVID, family detention , and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • REJECT PANDEMIC REVISIONISMEpidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina is warning that the (Republican-dominated) House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic is failing to investigate with integrity the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we could do better. Let’s tell our Members of Congress in both chambers that we expect serious, genuine, evidence-based, scientific inquiry, not propaganda—because our lives depend on it.  

  • BIDEN CONSIDERS RETURN TO FAMILY DETENTION We all remember the horrific images of families detained at the southern border by the Trump administration; now, many news sources are reporting that family detention is once again being considered, this time by the Biden administration, as a possibility once Trump’s “public health” measure, Title 42 (or Return to Mexico), runs out on May 1st.  Biden has already found a way to effectively extend Title 42 by invoking the safe third country principle.  Homeland Security claims “No decisions have been made as we prepare for the Title 42 Public Health Order to lift,” but it is up to us to ensure that the humane, responsible decisions are made.  Let’s contact the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at (202) 282-8000 or @SecMayorkas. 


  • MOST:  TRACKING ANTI-LGBTQ BILLS AND TAKING ACTIONExtremist groups are coordinating to restrict LGBTQI rights, with nearly 400 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in 2021, and 300 were proposed in 2022.  Multiple states have already enacted anti-LGBTQI+ bills, with 14 states banning transgender students from school sports and four restricting access to gender-affirming care.  These attacks, which put LGBTQI+ communities at risk, are not slowing down either. 100 new bills have already been introduced this year.  With so many attacks on LGBTQ rights happening across the country, it can be hard to keep track and know when and how to speak up against them.  Fortunately, the ACLU now has a webpage where we can find out what bills are proposed in our state legislatures and the let our state legislators know that we will stand for these rights being torn away.  We can also check out the Human Rights Campaign to stay informed about bills in our state, write/sign on to letters of support, and learn about other actions we can take.
  • MOST: TRACKING ABORTION BILLAmericans United for Life, a forced pregnancy organization, is tracking abortion bills filed in state legislatures across the country. Let’s look at their state legislation tracker, find the bills pending in our state, and tell our state senators and representatives to oppose the bills that restrict abortion and support the bills that advance reproductive rights (citing bill number and title).



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