Rogan’s List for March 7, 2023

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Social Security tax cap, ERA, Walgreens, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

    Those of us who earn $160, 200 or less pay 6.2% in Social Security payroll tax.  If we earn the highest amount, $9 932.4 is withheld from our paychecks.  If we earn more than $160,200 nothing more than that is taken from our paychecks for Social Security, leaving us with a larger percent of discretionary funds than if we made less.  It puts a large burden on lower- and middle-class workers.  Removing that earning cap of $160,200 would help alleviate some of the identified problems with Social Security and better share the burden.  All parties understand that something should be. Let’s urge our MoCs to work together find a creative solution.

    (h/t Chop Wood, Carry Water): According to Politico, Walgreens is revving up to dispense abortion pills and is seeking certification from some states to do so—but the pharmacy chain has decided not to dispense abortion pills in the nearly two dozen states whose Republican attorneys general have threatened to sue Walgreens if they try selling abortion pills there. Let’s:
    • Tell Walgreens to reverse their policy: call 847-315-2500, or write to Senior Vice President for Pharmacy and Healthcare Rick Gates, and Senior Vice President for Operations Lisa Badgley,
    • Support the Democratic Attorneys General Association (if we start getting too many fundraising emails, we just can just unsubscribe).
    • Make sure we get election reminders so we never miss a chance to vote for state attorneys general who support reproductive health rights.
    Teri Kanefield, an attorney, author, and blogger, is great at clearly explaining the connection between current events and threats to democracy—example—and she offers us a list of things we, personally, each one of us, can do. Let’s read her list of ways to preserve democracy and join in!



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