Chair Liz Walters has entered the podcast scene!

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Reproductive Rights

This week, proponents of abortion access cleared the latest hurdle to make the November 2023 ballot after their proposed language was certified. 

The proposed amendment would state, “every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on contraception, fertility treatment, continuing one’s own pregnancy, miscarriage care and abortion.” 

This is an important step in protecting Ohioans reproductive freedoms, and we will be keeping an eye on the amendment as it moves through the Ohio Ballot Board. 

In the meantime, sign up here to be kept in the loop on the Ohio Democratic Party’s next steps.

Sign Up to Protect Our Reproductive Freedoms

Podcast Star on the Rise

Move over Michael Barbaro, Chair Liz Walters has entered the podcast scene!

This week, Chair Walters appeared on Gannett’s Ohio Politics Explained Podcast, a weekly news and politics podcast hosted by reporter Anna Staver. You can catch Staver and Chair Walters discussing topics from the Householder Trial to bipartisan legislation to help East Palestine here.

Give it a listen, and let us know if you want to hear Chair Walters grace your radio waves again.

Railroad Safety

In the wake of the Northfolk Southern toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Senator Brown introduced bipartisan legislation, The Railway Safety Act of 2023, this week. The bill includes numerous safety requirements for trains and has earned praise from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as well as President Biden. 

Thank you to Senator Brown for doing his part to make sure a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again and for holding Norfolk Southern accountable for the derailment in East Palestine. 

You can learn more about the bill’s language here.

Bribery & Corruption & the FBI. Oh[io] My!

Testimony in the Republican federal bribery trial ended this week with a boom as disgraced House Speaker Larry Householder took the stand to defend himself in the largest public corruption scandal in state history.

Unsurprisingly, Householder used his slimy smooth talking tactics to try to push the blame off of himself. For example, Householder disputed the prosecution’s claim that a $400,000 check was slid across a conference table to him by a lobbyist for those power plants.

“There wasn’t even a table to slide it across,” Householder said.

But Householder found that the federal prosecutor was harder to convince of his innocence than the Republican cronies he’s used to. Householder was caught in several lies during cross examination and is probably rethinking his decision to take the stand. 

Closing arguments are set to occur next Tuesday, March 7th.

While the investigation has focused on Householder and Borges, many big name statewide Republicans have entered into the mix through this trial, including Secretary of State LaRose and Attorney General Yost.

It’s important to remember these elected officials did not walk away from the massive bribery scandal with clean hands when they come to Ohioans in 2024 and ask for new jobs. Join us in working to shut them out at the voting box.

Get Rid of Corrupt Politicians

Flavor of the Week

March is Women’s History Month which makes it the perfect time to highlight the women who make our work possible. This week we are highlighting our fearless Chairwoman, Liz Walters.

“It’s like trying to pick a favorite child,” she exclaimed when we asked her favorite Ohio ice cream and flavor. So, we made her pick the “favorite child” and here’s what she said:

“I’m an Akron girl through and through. There’s nothing I love better than an Akron Institution. Strickland’s Frozen Custard.”

And for flavor? “Probably the Vanilla Almond Special they have in the summer.”

There’s no place like home, but you can buy ice cream that tastes like it!


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