Rogan’s List for February 27, 2023

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#FlipTheCourt, #ERANow, #ReverseHyde, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:


    As of March 1st, the federal government will end “pandemic era” supplements to SNAP (once food stamps) payments to low-income households.  Before 2020, these payments averaged $200/month; the pandemic supplement guaranteed at least an additional $95We must press the White House and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack ((202) 456-1111) to provide for people who will not be able to afford food once this program is ended.



In the same week as the tragic MSU mass shooting, 11 gun safety bills were introduced in the Michigan legislature.  With rising gun deaths, this kind of legislation is essential to our safety. With the now Democratic trifecta in Michigan, there is the best chance ever that these bills may pass and become law.  Let’s let our state representatives and state senators know that we support this kind of legislation.  Let’s also join Red Wine and Blue by signing this letter to state officials.  

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