Calls To Action That Can’t Wait

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Dear Friends,

Sorry to bother you on the weekend, yet the Calls to Action cannot wait! We are in the home stretch on our legislation advocacy. Please take the CTA’s below and let’s get it done together!

Once you are done, please take a quick look at the virtual and in person events coming up early this week.




Stop the RGGI Budget StealSince Virginia joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for, among other things, energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades for low income-housing. However, the Governor and House Republicans want to take away RGGI monies that were ear-marked (by statute) for low-income housing energy efficiency efforts and put them in the General Fund. Diverting these monies subverts our statute, undercuts energy efficiency, and undermines environmental justice efforts. Tell our legislators no – Click Here

IT’S NOT TOO LATE to OPPOSE HB1430Allowing Large Manufacturer Big Exemptions Electric Bills. Tell Senators on the Commerce and Labor Committee (C&L) to reject HB1430, which has already passed the House. Large manufacturers are asking for special treatment to be exempt from paying costs that the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) makes all customers pay. More study is needed before creating this type of special carve-out. Click Here to Take Action NOW if you have not done so!

SB1043 Schools need better mental health resources This bill passed the Senate and the House Committees and is now up in the House for a vote. Click Here to Take Action

Help support public schools during the budget discussions Tell your legislators to:

Clean Energy – Stop Youngkin’s plan to turn Virginia into a nuclear experiment with his small nuclear projects plan. Small modular nuclear reactors create more nuclear waste and isn’t clean, renewable energy. Before noon on Monday Feb. 20! HB 2333 turns Virginia into a test project for an unproven modular nuclear reactors. Email the Senate Commerce and Labor committee and tell them to oppose it. Only takes a moment using the emails and text below.

Subject: Oppose HB 2333

Dear Senator,

Please vote no on HB 2333 that would turn Virginia into a test project for unproven modular nuclear reactors. The VA nuclear energy consortium authority has already been talking about lifting our ban on uranium mining and even suggested we could be a place to recycle the nation’s nuclear waste. Thank you for opposing HB2333

Emails: district35@senate.virginia.govdistrict18@senate.virginia.govdistrict05@senate.virginia.govdistrict21@senate.virginia.govdistrict25@senate.virginia.govdistrict39@senate.virginia.govdistrict37

Virtual Events February 21 – 23

Tuesday, February 21 (and weekly) at 6 pm – MoneyOut Weekly Meeting

Tuesday, February 21, 5:00pm – Virginia Redress Network’s Monthly Meeting

Learn what progress Virginians are making on restitution and the many issues relating to racial and social justice.

Wednesday, February 22, 8 – 9pm ET – Sneak Peek: MVP’s Early Strategy for 2024

Dive into Movement Voter Pac’s strategic plan to win big in the 2024 cycle and hear about their pathway to a Progressive Decade through 2033. Be sure to inquire about their Virginia strategy.

February 22, 6:30 ET – Truth Brigade Workshop and Orientation

Wednesday, February 22, 7-8:30pm – RASR Presents What Can Reparations Look Like?

What do you think of when someone mentions reparations? Reparations can take many different forms, from acknowledgement of pervasive systemic racism that leads to inequity, to restitution or compensation for harms done, and many points in between. Join our panel discussion with individuals that are advocating for various forms of reparations for their communities and others. Panelists include members of the African American Redress Network (AARN), Descendants of the St. Louis University Enslaved (DSLUE), Brown Grove Preservation Group, and Black Broad Branch Coalition.


Thursday, February 23, @10am – Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance’s Speak Out Rally – Bell Tower- 101 N 9th StreetA significant number of Virginians – 77 percent – believe that politicians should have no say in our personal health care decisions. That’s why we need to show legislators in Richmond that there’s strong support for the Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom (SJ255) to enshrine the right to abortion, bodily autonomy, and reproductive freedom into the Virginia Constitution. Join VREA to speak out against attacks on bodily autonomy and in support of reproductive freedom. We will share stories and urge legislators to support SJ255.

Be a BADASS, Check Your Power Map Status, Save the Date (7/22-7-23) for the 7th Annual Women’s Summit at the McLean Hilton and Forward this Email to a Friend

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