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Tyre Nichols’ mom is praying for a “greater good.” Let’s start with systemic change – pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

“It’s important that all five officers who committed this heinous murder are African-American. Because people, when given power, will wield it in the way they have seen it wielded – the same ends and against the same victims. And that means that police culture exists to abuse Black people in the streets of the United States.”

We need to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act but we need to expand its limitation of qualified immunity beyond law enforcement personnel…


UPDATE! EMERGENCY! Wall Street’s privatization of Medicare at our expense is starting now!

Update: We gave a short speech on the Wall Street privatization of Medicare by 2030 through the ACO/REACH program at the recent post/Roe rally/march.
Two things we learned from our audience: 1. EVERYBODY was either on Medicare, will be on it in 7 years, or knows and loves someone on it. 2. NOBODY knew this was happening.

What we ourselves didn’t know until one of the audience members told us afterwards, was that ACO/REACH was already in Community Memorial Hospital’s system. She forwarded us some paperwork she had received from them, that she had filed away without realizing its import. We’ve attached it here.

ACO/REACH groups are awarded a set amount for each participant and get to keep what they save. So traditional Medicare, a system that devoted 98% of its funding to patient care, is being replaced by a for-lots-of-profit system that devotes only 60% of its funding to healthcare.

Knowing this, note the wording in the letter: – “Those ACO’s that do a good job can earn a financial bonus. ACO’s that earn a bonus MAY use the payment to invest more in your care or share a portion directly with your providers.” Seriously?

It follows up with the ominous phrase “ACO’s MAY owe a penalty if their care increases costs.”

This doesn’t sound good for us, folks, and doctors have been sounding the alarm about the capture of Medicare dollars by private industry (i.e. Medicare Advantage) for awhile. However, some of our representatives haven’t gotten the message. 

Rep. Salud Carbajal was one of 50 legislators who signed a letter to Becerra asking that this system stop. ( If he’s yours, write him to thank him.  If your representative ISN’T on this letter, make sure they know you are concerned and that you want them to act now. One of our Democratic representatives wrote back to a member that this program was supposed to improve “Equity.” They are not paying attention. Tell them so.

In the meantime, keep up the messages to Biden to executive order this out of existence.



Wednesday – 02/22/2023 – VENTURA – “Fair Grounds Development Proposal – Public Comment”  – (5:30 pm) Santa Rosa Building, Ventura Fairgrounds
With the recent Fair Grounds development proposal the Fair Board has decided to host a public Fair Board meeting on February 22, 5:30. The meeting will take place in the Santa Rosa building at the Ventura Fairgrounds.
There will be a presentation by Pacific Sports Group.

You can view their proposal here.

Our feeling: There’s not a lot to love for the shabby, mismatched, unsecured (+$500k stolen!) and elderly buildings currently populating our fairgrounds.

The race track has its fans and they will assuredly be there to protect their interests.

We will be there to protest the planned large open parking lots, with sparse plantings. Look at the illustrations in their presentation carefully – despite their claim that they are incorporating a “smarter, more novel approach to roads, walkways, entranceways and concourses”, we see asphalt and cars separating pedestrians from our beach and ocean, blighting our view and adding to air pollution. Plus, part of their beachfront parking space will specifically be used for vendor or horse trailer parking, so that visual blight will remain part of the beach view as well. Nothing “novel” about any of this – in fact, it returns us to the last century, when beach fronts were considered throw-away areas for storage and industry.

Also not “novel” – a huge, almost plant-free main lot. Instead of the cheapest solution possible, they should be using a covered parking garage as a base for employee housing. This proposal will add lots of not-very-highly-paid employees to the pressure our city already has to provide affordable housing. This project must contribute to the solution, not compound our city’s problems.

Energy and water use are also not mentioned in their proposal. There should also be clear mandate that this project incorporate LEED Platinum standards for renewable energy, water efficiency and sustainability into the program. Not only is this a minimum ask for such a huge project during a time of violent climate change, the fairgrounds needs to be prepared, as it has in the past, to act as a staging ground and refuge for emergencies when regular utilities may not be available. And speaking of emergencies, how does this development address the threat of rising sea level?

Mark this meeting on your calendar!

P.S. Weird…Why is the Ferris wheel stuck by itself in front of the Players’ Club, and not connected to the main fair area? Weirder yet – why is it invisible in some of the illustrations?


Sunday – 02/05/2023 – OXNARD –“Oxnard High School Band Booster Valentines Vendor Market & Resource!” (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm PST) Oxnard High School


Facebook event: – 02/05/2023 – THOUSAND OAKS –“The New York Times Magazine “The 1619 Project” ” (2:00 pm PST) Grant R. Brimhall Library – Marvin E Smith Community Room, Thousand Oaks

The public is cordially invited to attend a new community event this coming Sunday, February 5 at 2 PM in the Community Room at the library. This event is presented by the partnership of AAUW TO, The Friends of the Thousand Oaks Library and the Library. All are invited to hear Dr. Greg Freeland’s presentation, which will help lay the foundation for a deeper study of the long journalism style work called, The 1619 Project. Following Dr. Freeland’s presentation, attendees will be invited to sign-up for future facilitated book study groups occurring monthly both in-person at the library or via zoom. Specific dates and times for the book groups are still to be determined, but they will be offered both during the day and on the weekend. This event is appropriate for high school students and older. Please share and bring your friends for this worthwhile afternoon.

Info Link:

For further information please contact the library. 800-449-2660Please DONATE to the cause! 
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