They’re coming for Sherrod Brown

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Democrats Getting Shit Done

After a rocky start to the year (looking at you House Republicans), Ohio Democrats in Congress have started strong. President Biden signed a bill – led by Sherrod Brown – that went into effect January 1st allowing veterans exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan access to medical coverage and benefits. The bill is named after a northwest Ohio veteran who was a longtime champion for fellow veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. 

This is a huge step forward in healthcare access for veterans.

This week, Senator Sherrod Brown spoke with veterans at Youngstown State University about the bill as part of a statewide tour. 

The Senator said it best, “My job is to listen to people and pass laws that help them,” he said. “The second part of my job is to make sure those laws are carried out.”

They’re Coming for Sherrod

This week, State Senator and Millionaire Matt Dolan announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate. Dolan’s entire campaign will likely be bankrolled by his family, who own the Cleveland Guardians.

You may remember Dolan from his failed run for Senate in one of the messiest Republican primaries in the country last cycle. In case you forgot, here’s a highlight:

Dolan is the first Republican to announce his candidacy in what we predict to be a crowded and chaotic field. 

Regardless of who the GOP nominates, we’ll be working overtime to keep Sherrod in the Senate.

Bribery & Corruption & the FBI. Oh[io] My!

The trial of disgraced former Republican Speaker Larry Householder begins next week. On Thursday, Chair Walters hosted a press conference detailing the deep connections between Ohio Republicans and the FirstEnergy Bribery scandal.

While Householder and Borges are the ones on trial, the scandal reaches much deeper within the Ohio Republican Party, including current elected officials with higher political ambitions. Let’s run through a few examples together!

Dave Yost, Attorney General

  • Yost’s Campaign manager was Matt Borges, who Yost once called the ‘wise man of Ohio politics,’ and who is set to go to trial for his role in the scandal.
    • Yost took $10k from Borges before he eventually caved to public pressure to give it back. Yost once said, “It would be foolish for anyone to accept campaign contributions from these defendants.”
  • Yost has not taken meaningful legal action to go after his friends in the Ohio Republican Party.
  • Yost received a subpoena to testify in the trial.

Matt Dolan, State Senator and newly announced candidate for U.S. Senate

Frank LaRose, Secretary of State

Mike Carey, U.S. Representative

hio Republican Party Donations 

The corruption in the Ohio Republican Party runs deep, and we’re working to hold GOP politicians accountable, especially the ones who are asking Ohio voters for a new job in 2024. Check back each week for a round up of that week’s findings.

Flavor of the Week

In honor of his first few weeks in office, we are re-featuring Congressman’s Greg Landsman’s favorite Ohio ice-cream.

“I’m torn. Obviously Black Raspberry Chip from Graeter’s is a Cincinnati classic for a reason. But I’m also a huge fan of my neighborhood Mt. Washington Creamy Whip. The Creamy Whip is soft-serve, though, so it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Lots of great ice cream in Ohio’s First District.”

Rep. Landsman was always the cream of the crop and proved himself to be a “graeter” candidate, flipping OH-1 to a blue seat in 2022. Thanks for all of your work, Rep Landsman! We hope you grab a scoop to celebrate soon.


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