GIFs and Memes for Thanksgiving and the Georgia Runoff

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Get Ready for the Georgia Runoff

Georgia’s Senate race between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker will be decided in a runoff on December 6. This race will impact the future of healthcare, reproductive rights, and democracy for millions. Use these images to mobilize Georgia voters back to the polls.

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating by sharing positive vibes and well-wishes for all this holiday season. No matter your preferred traditions, take the time to reflect on the many struggles and wins of the past year.

Share what you’re grateful for with these images.

Responding to Trump’s 2024 Announcement

Earlier this week, disgraced former president Donald Trump officially announced his run for president in 2024. We know that the majority of Americans won’t tolerate four more years of extremist lies. Use these images to rally against Trump and MAGA extremism.

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG


GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

Remembering Lost Trans Lives

Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20, a vital time to uplift the voices of the transgender community. Transphobic legislation, violence, and bigotry cost innocent lives. Use these images to honor those we have lost as we continue to fight for justice.

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

Nonpartisan Voter Guides for Georgia Voters

Georgia’s runoff election will decide the balance of power in the Senate. For democracy, equality, the climate, and justice: this election is too important to ignore. Every vote counts! 

To see where the candidates stand including their previous votes, what they’ve said throughout the election, and the full spectrum of their views, visit for nonpartisan English and Spanish voter guides. 

Check out for the best images to win the runoff.

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