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Blue Beginning

The Last Weekend is here 

We’re calling it the Last Weekend. The Last Weekend of what? Well, that depends on you.

Some fear it will be the last weekend of hope for the future—the beginning of the end for women’s freedom to control their bodies; for Social Security and Medicare; for sensible gun laws and climate sanity; for good wages and fair taxes and an economy that puts people over profit. The last weekend for the foundation of democracy itself, fair and honest elections. 

On the other hand it could be the last weekend of our national crisis. If we hold the House and gain a couple of votes in the Senate, it could mean the end of the filibuster; a right to abortion codified in law; investment in infrastructure, good jobs, and climate progress. Democrats could finish the rebuilding they started in 2020 and win back the trust of rural and working-class voters. Not to mention beating back fascism and rescuing the democracy we’ve been taking for granted.

In either case, it will be the last weekend of this long and tortured campaign season. You may have heard recently that the most important races are so close they’re “within the margin of effort.” In other words, whatever the polls may show, we can win by motivating more voters than our opponents do. It’s all about the turnout.

And that’s where we come in. Because turnout is what we do—by canvassing, phone banking, sending texts, and talking to our friends and neighbors. Take a look at our Last Weekend schedule of campaign actions and events. Find a shift that fits your schedule and then find a few more. And then recruit some friends to work with you.

Because it’s not only the last weekend of this campaign, it’s also the first weekend of the future. We must use these few days wisely. We’ll be living in the future for the rest of our lives. 

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