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We had a busy week on the campaign trail, so let’s jump right in.

Early Voting is Underway

Ohio Democrats have cast over 290,000 early votes already, compared to Republicans 251,000.

Make your plan to vote early at ohiodems.org/vote.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any issues related to voting, please reach out to our Voter Assistance Hotline at 844-OH-I-VOTE.

Sample Ballot

We have hyper-competitive elections up and down the ballot. It’s clear this election will come down to a field margin. Let’s work together to bring this home and turn out our voters.

Help us get the word out about a critical resource to help Ohioans vote all the way down the ballot:

  • You can find a sample ballot for all 88 counties at https://ohiodems.org/ballot/ or Text VOTE to 71736 to get a link on your phone that takes you to this website.
  • We encourage you to save this on your phone and take it into the ballot box with you. Or, you can use it to complete your mail-in ballot.


In 2018, Senator Sherrod Brown won his race with a margin of 300,949 votes. The Ohio Democrats team BLEW PAST THIS NUMBER by over 11,000 this weekend with the most successful weekend of the cycle, making over 311,000 knocks, calls and texts to Ohio Democrats.

Ohio Democrats are knocking doors all across the state every weekend until election day. Want to join us and knock in your neighborhood?

If we are not scheduled to knock doors in your area, contact Melissa at mgoldberg@ohiodems.org and we will get you set up with options to contact voters close to home.

Coming to a Town Near You

Our candidates for Senate and Governor are following through on their promise to represent all Ohioans. In the lead-up to election day, Tim Ryan and Nan Whaley will be in every corner of the state holding a series of rallies. 

Join Tim Ryan for large rallies around the state in the closing weeks of this election. Click below to sign up and feel free to share these online and with your communities:   

Friday, November 4th: Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday, November 5th: Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sunday, November 6th: Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, November 7th: Akron, Ohio

Monday, November 7th: Youngstown, Ohio

Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Whaley will be joined by Senator Sherrod Brown for her own series of events around the state. Click below to sign up:

Friday, November 4th: Columbus

Get Your Merch Here

When Tim Ryan is elected as our next Senator, you’re gonna want to be able to say that you had his merch before it was cool.

Even style icon Sarah Jessica Parker knows to rock her Never Bet Against Ohio tote bag while walking the streets of New York City.

While you’re at it, visit the Ohio Democrats store and snag yourself some items. They’re the perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season.

The Grown Men Who Cried Voter Fraud

Frank LaRose and Keith Faber are back to their old games, using scare tactics to create a distrust in our democratic processes. Morgan Trau with WEWS-TV reported on the realities of voter fraud in Ohio. Spoiler alert: it’s incredibly rare. 

Despite LaRose himself reporting a 0.001% incidence, “evidence” of widespread voter fraud continues to sit at the forefront of numerous Ohio Republicans campaigns. So, to combat this incredibly real threat, LaRose used taxpayer money to create the Public Integrity Division,  a group of former law enforcement officers who will be called in to investigate voter fraud claims and “hand it off to law enforcement in a manner that is better suited to win prosecution.” 

Isn’t it weird how when Republicans win elections everything is fine, but when Democrats win elections Republicans cry voter fraud? Seems fishy to me.

We can read between the lines, Frank. This is yet another attempt of Ohio Republicans trying to restrict our fundamental right to vote. 

Lindsay Graham Stumps for Vance

Last week, California Vance stood shoulder to shoulder with Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham is infamous for many atrocities, but most recently for his call for a nationwide abortion ban legislation which Vance endorsed as “reasonable.” Even as other Republicans scrambled to distance themselves from Graham’s dangerous attack on women’s reproductive freedom. 

This should come as no surprise coming from a person who once compared abortion to slavery and called rape an “inconvenience.” Vance has made his extreme feelings on abortion known.

Graham’s visit sends us a crystal clear message: Vance is obsessed with inserting himself into deeply personal decisions that belong between Ohio women and their doctors.


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