Please join David Pepper on 9/18 Launch

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Please join us for our launch party featuring David Pepper, author of Laboratories of Autocracy. Help us support and amplify Hoosier candidates in flippable races.

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Can’t make it? Donate to help us take back Indiana!

Hoosier Victory Alliance is a long-term project to support candidates for the state legislature with communications tools: strategy and messaging expertise, social media support, graphic design, organic reach, and data! We want to break down the silos that separate Hoosier pro-democracy organizations and individuals from each other and help create the conditions that will help us win!

Please forward this email to 3 friends and ask them to join us at the party or send in a donation!

David Pepper GETS it.

David Pepper is the author of Laboratories of Autocracy. His book and near-daily Twitter whiteboard lessons show how statehouses have become so extreme and authoritarian, passing extremist laws that don’t reflect the values of the state’s residents (picture SB1 and similar laws in Ohio, TX, FL, OK and others). David Pepper is also a founder of the group Blue Ohio, which is also dedicated to electing more pro=democracy members to Ohio state offices to break the hold of the authoritarian right wing. Both he, and we, believe that Dems need to compete for EVERY OFFICE. EVERY LEVEL. EVERY TIME.

We are grateful for your generosity to help us get started with strategy expertise, software, and data subscriptions. We’d be delighted to discuss our plans in more detail for those who are interested in becoming founding members. In solidarity, Mary Noone, Founder and PresidentStephanie Wilson, Co-Founder and Communications Director

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

The people of Ohio deserve a government that supports their hard work and shares their hopes for the future. Our platform represents the Democratic vision for our State, embracing and implementing the dreams of Ohioans. We firmly defend these American beliefs, values, and traditions and are fighting hard every day to elect Democrats who have the experience and ideas to improve our state and who will hold Columbus accountable.

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