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September 3, 2022

Visit Us at the County Fair

It’s Labor Day Weekend in Flagstaff and that means it’s time for the County Fair!  Our volunteers have set up a LARGE booth where we are talking about our candidates, registering voters (one of our first “customers” on Friday was someone who needed to register), and collecting signatures for the Save Our Schools Referendum. We’ve also got some issue-based giveaways for book readers. Even if you read on Kindle, you might want to have one of these as a conversation starter.

Our volunteers are waiting for you. They can explain where the new Legislative District lines are and how to get information on propositions that will be on the ballot. This was the scene as the sun set Friday evening:

Getting Our Message Out

In Coconino County, it’s all about turnout. We’ve got the Democrats, we just need to get them to vote. Our activists are fired up but we have to make sure the typical voter who often doesn’t bother to vote in Midterms will vote. How to get them to open and return their mail ballots or go to the polls is the name of our game for the next 66 days. 

We are doing many things to make it easier for people to vote. We’ve got a Sample Ballot that will go in the mail a few days before official ballots hit voters’ mailboxes. We’ve published comparative information about our candidates and the MAGA-Republicans. We’ve got explanations and recommendations for the ballot measures

Most importantly, we’re mobilizing volunteers to provide this information to voters in direct conversations. That’s the ground game that will bring us a win. In this work, we are proud to partner with Mission for Arizona, Northeast Arizona Native Democrats, our sister county parties, Arizona Student Association, and Swing Left. Partners make the work better!

Monthly Action Meeting/Quarterly Business Meeting

With only 32 Days left until voting begins, you can’t miss this important action meeting on September 10. Time to roll up your sleeves, get fired up, get involved and work!  All Democrats and progressive non-affiliated voters are invited!

Thirty minutes of this meeting will be devoted to the County Party’s quarterly business meeting, including planning for December reorganization. All PCs who will take office October 1 should plan to attend.

Then, we will plunge into the information and work we need to win the election that concludes on November 8. Organizers from Mission for Arizona will be onsite to talk about canvassing and phone banking in support of the Coordinated Campaign and they will launch a canvass from the Murdoch Center at Noon.

We encourage you to attend this meeting IN-PERSON, but if you are in distant parts of the county or feeling ill, please attend on Zoom:

NAU Is Back and We Got Them on Paper

Our volunteers worked with the Arizona Student Association and Mission for Arizona to register hundreds of students during NAU move-in week! It’s always great to welcome these young people to campus and talk about their participation in our democratic process. Our LD-7 Senate Candidate, Kyle Nitschke, was instrumental in making this happen.

If you haven’t seen the Candidate Spotlight on Kyle that was put together by the Pinal County Democratic Party, check it out.

Less Than a Month to Save Our Schools

We have less than a month to get Save Our Schools referendum on the ballot. This petition hit the streets during the second week of July, leaving us less than 90 days to stop universal voucher expansion from draining billions from our public schools. 

Last month, we joined with the Arizona Democratic Party in endorsing the referendum to stop voucher expansion. Read about the campaign.  We are assisting volunteers who are circulating petitions to get the referendum on the ballot in 2024 and stop the legislation that would expand voucher availability to all students in the meantime. You can circulate a petition to your family and neighbors — stop by our office to pick one up, then bring it back. We’ll notarize it and get return it to the Save our Schools Campaign. 

Top Issues

Polls show the top issues on voters’ minds are:

Saving Democracy

Abortion Rights

Jobs and the Economy

We’ve got the winning hand on all three!

Quotation of the Week

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” Joe Biden, September 1 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


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