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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Release of our guide to help you demand more accurate coverage of abortion rights

Many Americans are under-informed, misinformed or disinformed about abortion rights. Do you wonder how and by who are Americans informed about the world around them and the priorities and solutions to the problems that we collectively face? 

What you can do to help #FixMediaNow this week! Here’s our list of 5 actions.

#1 Demand more accurate abortion rights coverage using our guide (graphic below). Be an active engaged consumer of news. If you see abortion rights poorly framed as “pro-life” vs “pro-choice”, omission of women’s bodily autonomy, absent discussion of women being put in legal jeopardy for being charged with crimes, healthcare being denied etc… – respond to the journalist, editor or outlet. You are not powerless, media folks are our accountable allies – demand progress. 

Our Guide to Demand Better Coverage of Abortion. When you see inadequate or inaccurate coverage – respond by writing the journalist, write a Letter to the Editor, or post on Social Media. Use this guide we created as a resource. Share with us your efforts. Email us at or tag us @FixMediaNow on Twitter. Another copy of this Guide is available online at:

What else can YOU do to help #FixMediaNow this week? 

#2 Read and share our original research on media failures – and suggested solutions – to Sunday Morning News Shows published in Dame Magazine BONUS action: Subscribe to Dame Magazine as it is a 100% independent, reader-funded outlet that tells stories that otherwise go unheard – as reported, analyzed, and written by women.
Our Full Length Report

#3 Read and share our “Media and Democracy Project Hero of the Week” Margaret Sullivan‘s last Op-Ed in The Washington Post and her perspective and advice on the media in covering ongoing threats to democracy. Gifted FREE link HERE

Margaret Sullivan has been a voice of integrity and regularly writing columns in support of pro-democracy media. As former Public Editor of The New York Times she has used her respected and powerful voice and platform to call for journalists and media folks to do better and emphasize threats to democracy. Every two weeks we highlight an individual or organization who is doing good work and defending democracy. Ms. Sullivan is one of our heroes. 

#4 Follow @FixMediaNow on Twitter – and contribute to and amplify our actions

#5 Join our pro-democracy Meme / Messaging TeamSign up here: Meme Team Work together to make pro-democracy memes/messaging!

          SIGN UP (all via Zoom):

  • 9/6 TUESDAY Media and Democracy Project Meme Team – Work together to make pro-democracy memes!
  • 9/15 Democracy Day We have applied to be collaborators of a coalition effort Democracy Day. iThis is a collaborative effort to draw attention to this crisis, provide the public with the context and information they need, and bring all types of media together to sound the alarm collectively.

Let us know if you have any projects you’d like to share or collaborate on. Please share this email and especially our actions with folks who might be interested.

Thank you.

In community,
Milo, Jonathan, Brian, Holley, Cecily, Al, Carolyn and the entire Media and Democracy Project


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