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Pints & Progress is starting again!

It’s Summertime but the livin’ ain’t easy so join us for a pint! 

Go ahead. Watch the January 6 hearings but save time to join your fellow progressives! Please join us for a summer series of monthly in-person “meet and greets”: informal conversations with various members of the Indivisible Yolo Leadership team and fellow Yolo County citizens who are increasingly concerned about our democracy and want to have an impact. (Supreme Court red alert below!) We can simply meet and greet each other or we can discuss the issues (federal, state and local) that need our attention. This July event in Davis will be hosted by Rachel Beck and Scott Steward. Please register here:

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 9th in West Sacramento at Jackrabbit with Janette Vine and Steve Murphy and Tuesday, September 13 in Davis at Dunloes with host Linda Cloud.January 6th Hearings: A Clarion Call 
The criminal conspiracy that tried to violently overturn our elections on January 6th is ongoing. The attack on the Capitol on January 6th may have ended in failure, but the attack on our freedom to vote has only begun – and it’s growing more powerful and more dangerous every day. The hearings are starting to break through, but it’s incumbent on each of us to make sure the voters connect the dots. How? We keep this in the headlines, on our networks’ social media pages, and in the public eye.

What’s up with the Supreme Court (it’s not just Roe)

(Adapted from FB post by our friend and volunteer, Beth Foraker):

Our courts have long had an agreement with the previous courts that they wouldn’t change a decision that has been decided for decades…why?

Because businesses, states, agencies and people need to be able to plan things and need to be able to be assured that things won’t change every time a new majority on the Supreme Court happens.

That’s called precedent…and in legal terms “stare decisis.” 

The Supreme Court has rested on this…but this current Supreme Court has chosen to throw that all away. Of course, you know about Roe v. Wade…and that’s a big deal because the precedent was for so long…and well-established…but that’s a big deal for another reason:

It is the FIRST TIME EVER that a Supreme Court has chosen to take a right away from a group of people that they had decided had rights.

BUT…there are A LOT MORE cases where they threw away the precedent this week…and you need to understand that by flipping these precedents over, they are INTENTIONALLY choosing chaos.

  • No one knows which way to go.
  • No one can plan anything.
  • No one can prepare.

Because it might get flipped over again.

What else have we lost in the last few weeks:

  • Common sense gun safety – when SCOTUS overturned 100-year old New York State gun law restricting concealed carry outside the home.
  • Sovereignty of Tribal Land – Native Americans have land where any state government has no jurisdiction …until last week.
  • Power of Federal Agencies – like the EPA – to compel states to follow regulations (The Clean Water Act isn’t clear enough!?!)
  • Separation of Church and State – ruling that a football coach CAN make his team feel coerced to pray with him before a game…the court said YES.
  • Voting Rights – the Supreme Court allowed MULTIPLE voting maps that were proven to be racist to stand.

Any one of those decisions would be a big red flag…but taken together, we can see that precedent no longer matters. 

And, worse yet, on the near horizon is another flashing red light for our democracy…because the Supreme Court has said that they will consider a case in the fall term that is:


How is that even tolerable??

We are moving very quickly to watching an election be overturned by state legislatures…and making our votes worthless…with the SUPREME COURT’S BLESSING.

That’s not democracy.

That’s cheating to win.

Sadly, that would be the end of our current government as we know it…and the end of many freedoms we enjoy…including the freedom to share thoughts like this.

I expected when Biden finally took the oath of office that things would stabilize and that we could have some normalcy…but instead, things have accelerated.

We are on a dangerous decline of freedoms…and I urge each of you to have hard conversations with your family, your friends and our representatives and RESOLVE to do what YOU can to bring out the vote and stabilize our democracy.

All of us are depending on you!

Meanwhile back to the Roe decision

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, with abortion bans going into effect in multiple states, we’re in a crisis. We need our Senators and President Biden to treat this emergency with the urgency it deserves. We should not wait for the midterms. We are furious. We insist on rights over our own bodies. This needs to be addressed now and at the midterms! Our electoral team has prioritized all our work for candidates who strongly support reproductive rights. More on that in a future newsletter.

Meanwhile, we’re telling our Senators they need to:

  • Publicly call for an end to the filibuster so we can actually pass legislation
  • Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify abortion rights
  • Expand the Supreme Court
  • Call on Biden to use executive action to help people access abortion immediately

Sample call scripts are below.

Tell Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Padilla: be champions for abortion rights

Example call script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Senator [Feinstein/Padilla]. My zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling to say that waiting for November to address abortion rights is not an option. I want the Senator to be a champion for abortion rights: [she/he] needs to publicly call for ending the filibuster, passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, and expanding the Supreme Court. [Feinstein/Padilla] also needs to publicly call on Biden to take executive action to help people access abortion care, including providing abortions on federal land. I expect Sen. [Feinstein/Padilla] to address this at every opportunity and insist on immediate action. Not in November. Now.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo:

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