Demand that Congress make criminal referrals on the January 6 coup

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The January 6th Select Committee is demonstrating in overwhelming detail that Donald Trump himself, along with Republican co-conspirators in and out of government, carried out an elaborate, premeditated plan to overturn the valid results of the 2020 election—a coup attempt. The first four hearings alone presented convincing evidence of quite a few federal felonies. 

If the Select Committee fails to refer Trump and co-conspirators to the Department of Justice for indictment because Chairman Thompson has said (incorrectly) that he didn’t think the Committee had the authority, it will be an abdication of their oaths of office to protect our form of government. 

It is flatly embarrassing for Democrats that Republican Rep. Cheney takes a more open public stand on referral for prosecution. We need the House to urge the DoJ to uphold the rule of law by bringing charges against the most politically powerful coup plotters. Laws aren’t self-enforcing; it takes officials with legitimate authority to apply them. When they don’t, criminals and oppressors fill the vacuum, possibly permanently.

We demand that our Members of Congress pressure the January 6th Select Committee to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice.

Tell Congress: Refer those who participated in the January 6 coup attempt for prosecution!

#WatchForYourself: The January 6 Committee has been doing an excellent job recording and telling the history of the attempts by Trump and other MAGA Republicans to throw out Americans’ votes and cling to presidential power despite losing the 2020 election—attempts that led to armed Trump supporters invading the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The first six hearings are available for viewing in full on the Committee’s YouTube channel. Yesterday, we heard from Cassidy Hutchinson, the aide to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testifying from her inside perspective to Trump’s eagerness to use the armed mob—“my people”—to pressure Vice President Pence into stealing the election.

Our website has links to the full videos and the Committee’s recaps; a schedule of upcoming hearings, which we’ll update when the July hearing dates and times are announced; and links to resources.

Solidarity: Support Access to Safe Abortion 

On June 24, 2022, extremists at the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Ten states made abortion illegal by the end of the day, five more have laws that will criminalize it within weeks, and a total of 26 states are certain or very likely to ban abortion entirely. 

At 5 PM on the day of the SCOTUS ruling, Indivisible SF joined Women’s March, Planned Parenthood NorCal, and many other groups and individuals in a protest at San Francisco City Hall to say: “Bans off our bodies!” But there’s so much more we can do to help people who need help in the face of this devastating loss of their right to make decisions about their own bodies. 

Even in California, which has multiple laws protecting the right to abortion, people struggle with barriers of distance and affordability. That’s only going to become more urgent as people from states where abortion is restricted or banned travel to California for care. So we must step up.

Visit our website for a Deep Dive on ways you can help right now.

The Detestable Thirteen

“Follow the money” is the mantra of investigative reporters. Last Friday, the Supreme Court’s MAGA-majority revoked the constitutional right of women to control their own health and bodies. The roots of that decision, and the misogynist social movement that led to it, were – and still are – fertilized and nurtured by the manure of corporate funding. 

The progressive research organization Popular Information has identified the following 13 consumer-oriented corporations and brands as major funders of anti-abortion, anti-women PACs and slush funds. (The amounts recorded are funds they have supplied since the MAGA-election of 2016.)

General Motors$2,405,900
Wells Fargo$471,800

Economic monopolization may make it impossible for each of us to totally suspend doing business with these detestable anti-democracy behemoths. But to the best of our ability we can limit how much of our money they are able to divert towards that which we oppose and abhor. 

See also: Funding the Bans, a 2019 report in PDF format by Equity Forward for a detailed analysis of corporate funding for state abortion bans.

Postage rates are increasing: get your stamps now!

Writing to voters? The USPS is raising postage rates on Sunday, July 10. Letter and postcard stamp prices will go up. If you buy Forever Stamps before July 10, they’ll still be valid after the rate change and you’ll save some money. You can order from the USPS website or buy stamps at any Post Office. You can also get letter (but not postcard) stamps at most grocery stores or Costco. For more information, visit the USPS website.

If you’re interested in participating in activities like drafting letters to our Members of Congress and developing our strategy for influencing them, the Indivisible SF Federal Working Group is where it happens. Our next meeting is on Thursday, July 14. Details on how to register below.

ISF Federal Working Group meeting: Thursday, July 14, 7:30–9 PM. Register here to join our regular Zoom meeting, where we work together to develop strategies for influencing our Members of Congress and the Biden administration to support a progressive agenda. All are welcome to participate and contribute, even if you’ve never attended an ISF meeting before.

Bay Area Coalition Phone Banks: Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our friends at Swing Left need your help talking to voters about the upcoming primaries and midterms. Join Swing Left and the Bay Area Coalition on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings to make calls to voters in California and around the nation. Sign up for a shift:

  • TODAY, Wednesday, June 29, 5–7 PM
  • Saturday, July 2, 10 AM–12 PM
  • Wednesday, July 7, 5–7 PM

Voter registration drive in the California Central Valley with Swing Left: Saturdays. Swing Left needs your help registering voters in Central Valley CD-13 and CD-22, from Modesto to Bakersfield. They will conduct door-to-door and COVID-safe canvassing to register voters every weekend until Tuesday, November 8. Sign up here:

  • Saturday, July 16, 9 AM–3:30 PM
  • Saturday, July 23, 9 AM–3:30 PM
  • Saturday, July 30, 9 AM–3:30 PM

About this week’s photo

If you’ve seen our newsletter posts on Twitter and Facebook, you might have noticed that we include a photo or graphic with each issue.  Today’s photo is the swearing-in of witness Cassidy Hutchinson in yesterday’s January 6th Select Committee hearing.

Keep Fighting,

The Indivisible SF Team

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