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A Note from Editor Kandis Miller

This note contains a story about physical assault

I am a woman. For the last 50 years our Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, said women can choose. A woman’s word was just as important as her brother’s and the government did not belong in the same room as an OB-GYN. Apparently, on Friday the Supreme Court changed its mind. I shared the following with friends when I first heard about the potential for this ruling last month and feel it is still relevant. 

I used to get off work around 11pm and would then drive home. One clear night, I made it home to begin the short walk from my car to my downstairs apartment. I saw a man also walking across the grass so I smiled and said “hi” as I continued my trek. This man came behind me, grabbing my arms with one hand and covering my mouth with the other. He told me not to make a sound. 

In that moment I had lost my freedom. The most terrifying moment in my memory was that one, the moment I felt like I could make zero choices. My freedom was gone and it took less than a second.

I don’t remember screaming that night, but I remember hearing the scream and falling on the sidewalk. My boyfriend opened the door and an upstairs neighbor came outside. The assailant ran away and police were called as I sobbed in shock.

I was reminded of that moment while thinking about the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Nobody should have their rights removed and made to feel as though they have zero choices. It is a terrifying feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Everyone deserves agency.


In South Carolina it is now a felony to have an abortion after roughly six weeks. A Republican-led committee is convening at the Statehouse in Columbia next week (12:00 noon, July 7) to collect public testimony as they formulate legislation that will further restrict or entirely eliminate access to abortion. Republican Governor Henry McMaster has stated that he would prefer to sign legislation that eliminates access to abortion without any exceptions.

Democrats in the SC Legislature are putting forth a bill that would protect a woman’s right to choose her own health care, and would affirm the rights to contraception, in vitro fertilization, sex education, and other forms of reproductive health care.

Tell your legislator to support the SC Reproductive Health Rights Act

More Supreme Court Decisions

The US Supreme Court has also ruled on a wide range of issues this past week. These rulings can open the door for South Carolina legislators to pass laws that impact the freedoms and autonomy for all of us:

  • School Prayer: a high school football coach was determined to have a constitutional right to pray in the middle of the field with students.
  • Gun Control: the Court ruled that states are limited in how they regulate guns in public spaces.
  • Separation of Church & State: the state of Maine was told that it was required to include religious schools in its state tuition program. 
  • Rulings involving global warming, Native American rights and immigration will be announced within the next day or two.

Krystle Matthews is Our Candidate for US Senate

SC Rep. Krystle Matthews (Berkely) secured the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s runoff election. Krystle will be challenging Tim Scott for South Carolina’s US Senate seat in November. We wish to thank both candidates in the runoff election for contributing their energy and ideas, and for strengthening the democratic process.

Help Support CCDP Supporters like you allow us to keep the CCDP office open, train and support candidates and fund events in the Lowcountry. Please consider donating so that we can continue these efforts. With the 2022 election just months away, it is more important than ever to make sure we have the resources we need to succeed!


Upcoming Events

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2022 Candidate Information


State Level Offices:
Joe Cunningham (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)

U.S. Senate:
Krystle Matthews (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)

Secretary of State: Peggy Butler (WebsiteDonations)

State Superintendent of Education:
Lisa Ellis (WebsiteInstagramTwitterDonations)

United States Congress:
SC-1: Dr. Annie Andrews (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)

Majority Whip James “Jim” E. Clyburn (WebsiteInstagram;  FacebookTwitterDonations)

South Carolina State House
15: Representative JA Moore (WebsiteFacebookTwitterDonations)
80: Donna Brown Newton (WebsiteFacebookTwitterDonations)
109: Representative Deon Tedder (WebsiteFacebookTwitter)
110: Ellis Roberts (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)
111: Representative Wendell Gilliard (Facebook)
112: Dave Artushin (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)
113: Representative Marvin Pendarvis 
114: Michelle Brandt (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)
115: Representative Spencer Wetmore (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)
116: Representative Chardale Murray (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)
119: Representative Leon Stavrinakis (WebsiteFacebookTwitter)

Charleston County Council:
5: Councilman Teddie Pryor (Facebook)
8: Councilwoman Anna Johnson (WebsiteFacebookDonations)
9: Dylan Tullberg 

Charleston County Probate Judge:
Tamara Cunningham Curry (WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterDonations)

Charleston County Register of Deeds:
Karen Hollings (WebsiteDonations)

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Lowcountry Period Project Supplies Needed!
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