Charleston County Democrats

The mission of the Charleston County Democratic Party is to educate and encourage participation in the political process by people of all backgrounds who support Democratic principles. Funds garnered from this participation will be used to help elect Democratic candidates and to support Democratic programs.

Vote Blue SC in the General Election

VOTE BLUE SIMPLIFIES ABSENTEE PROCESS FOR NOVEMBER As you may remember, CCDP rolled out our absentee voting website back in the spring to help simplify the process of absentee voting for voters across the state. With less than 100 days until

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CCDP Newsletter: 2022 Candidate Overview

2022 CHARLESTON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATESUnited States Congress:SC-1: Dr. Annie Andrews (Website; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Donations)(NOMINEE)SC-6:Michael Addison (Website; Facebook; Donations)Gregg Marcel Dixon (Website; Facebook; Twitter; Donations)Majority Whip James “Jim” E. Clyburn (Website; Instagram;  Facebook; Twitter; Donations) South Carolina State House15: Representative JA Moore (NOMINEE)80: Donna Brown Newton (Website; Facebook; Twitter; Donations)(NOMINEE)109: Representative Deon Tedder (NOMINEE)110: Ellis Roberts (Website; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Donations)(NOMINEE)111: Representative Wendell Gilliard (NOMINEE)112:Dave Artushin (Website; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Donations)Stephen

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