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We had a busy week on the campaign trail, so let’s jump right in.


The first two polls of Ohio’s Senate general election were released on Wednesday. Like always, Ohio is THE BATTLEGROUND and control of the United State Senate will come down to the Buckeye State. 

The first poll released on Wednesday came from USA Today/Suffolk University and showed Vance leading Ryan by three points, 42%-39%. 

The second poll released on Wednesday came from Innovation Ohio/Grow Progress and showed Ryan leading Vance 43%-41%. 

Bottom line: this race is going to be a nail-biter. Tim Ryan is a fighter for Ohio’s workers, while JD Vance is a total fraud and phony. Click here to help ensure Tim defeats Vance this November.

This week, Ohio Democrats launched the Workers First Campaign, the coordinated campaign of community organizers who will work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot – from the U.S. Senate to statewide offices to county and local offices. The Workers First Campaign will work in tandem with candidates at all levels to tell the story of how Democrats are fighting for working families with the goal of turning out the vote for Democrats this fall.

By the end of the week, we will have 13 Regional Organizing Directors and 30 Organizers covering the entire state of Ohio. Our team is thrilled to have this strong, early investment in organizing covering every community in Ohio.

Sign up to help Democrats up and down the ticket by volunteering with the Workers First CampaignVOLUNTEER HERE

HB 99 Puts More Armed Teachers in Our Classrooms

There may be more armed teachers in the classroom starting this fall after Republicans rushed through legislation that would put Ohio students at risk. The bill will soon move to DeWine’s desk for his signature. DeWine said in a statement that he “looks forward to signing this important legislation”.

Don’t think for one minute that Mike DeWine will put the safety of our kids before his major campaign donors – the gun lobby. 

Enough is enough. 

DEMOCRATIC Governor Scoop

Don’t miss Nan Whaley on MSNBC’s Way Too Early where she talked about Mike DeWine’s inaction on keeping our communities safe from gun violence. DeWine has “received more contributions [from the gun lobby] than any other state-based politician since 2010.” As Nan said, it’s clear that DeWine will only ‘do something’ if it comes from rich special interests, not everyday Ohioans.

You Up?

Going beyond even the GOP’s own platform, Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance told a Catholic magazine that pornography should be banned because it’s stopping Americans from getting married and starting families.

California Vance on porn: ban it to save families, suggest it’s the cause of mass shootings.

California Vance on the mass murder of children: gun safety reform? Hard pass.

The Redistricting Split

For the FIFTH TIME, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected state House and Senate maps that favor Republicans, but a federal court is set to impose them anyway.

Republicans in Ohio will stop at nothing to ensure they can choose their voters rather than the voters of Ohio choosing their elected representatives. We’ve seen the consequences of Republican rule for our state: costly corruption, ineptitude, and an economy that works only for the wealthy and well-connected. Ohio Republicans don’t want to be held accountable, so they’re rigging the system in their favor instead. Using a federal court to ram through a GOP-gerrymandered map that reads like an Ohio Republican Party wishlist is not what Ohioans were looking for when they voted TWICE for fair maps.

Flavor of the Week from Senator Kenny Yuko

We asked Democratic Senate Leader Kenny Yuko his favorite ice cream and Ohio maker. Here is what he said…

“Pam and I both love ice cream, it is not uncommon to see us stop at any and all of them. Senate District 25 runs along Lake Erie and has all kinds of homemade ice cream… absolutely no shortage here! I’m notorious for trying Butter Pecan everywhere I go. If not, I love a Hot Fudge Sundae.”

Favorite Ice Cream Shop?

“I don’t have a favorite because they’re all my favorite. I can’t say no to those things!”

Senator Yuko can’t say no to local ice cream and helping Ohioans across the state. Learn more about Senator Yuko here.

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Until Next Week

Summer is here and time is ticking for us to win this November.

We have a lot of work to do to get more field organizers on the ground in every corner of the state. We have offices to open, phones banks to hold, canvasses to launch, and of course – thousands of unregistered Democrats to register by Election Day. To do this, we need your help and we need it now. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help build the infrastructure needed to win.

If you’re unsure about how much you can still contribute to help us win in November and beyond, simply reply to this email. My team will respond with what you can still do to help us grow the team.

As always, thank you for standing with us. We are so grateful for your incredible support.

I hope to see you out on the campaign trail,

Tommy Greene
Ice Cream Connoisseur and ODP Senior Advisor

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