Weekly Action Update — We will not let hate win

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“We will not let hate win.”

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New Hampshire

How can we reach voters and get them engaged in the 2022 midterm election?  Listening to their concerns is a genuine way to engage people in a campaign and a candidate as well as helping in shaping the messaging. This “deep canvassing” approach gets voters talking about personal experiences and draws on emotional connections. It can be used when making calls or knocking on doors. 

  • Join us at a Swing Blue Alliance deep canvassing training this Thursday, April 28, from 5:30 to 7:00.  SIGN UP HERE! 

North Carolina

Dems are looking at North Carolina as a great opportunity to flip a Senate seat in 2022. And since we know that voters who vote in a primary are far more likely to vote in the general election, we’re texting now to turn out the vote for NC’s May 17 primary.

  • Get Out the Vote for a U.S. Senate seat! Text for popular presumptive Senate candidate Cheri Beasley. Every Mon through May 16, 7–8:30 P M; uses ThruText; technical assistance and training are offered at the beginning of each session (but get in touch with Dana at leanleftcvt@gmail.com if you want help beforehand). SIGN UP HERE!


Mail ballot voting is underway in PA for the May 17th primary. Voting is a habit and people who vote in the primaries are much more likely to vote in the general election. Democrats have a chance to win the PA House of Representatives this year IF we get out the vote! 

  • Let’s talk to voters about mail ballots! Join Turn PA Blue to remind voters to get their vote by mail applications in! After ballots go out, the effort will switch over to chasing ballots to get those votes returned in time! Tuesdays and Thursdays  SIGN UP HERE!


Statewide elections in WI are often decided by 1% or less.  That means every vote counts.  WI  has some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country.  The State Supreme Court recently banned mail ballot drop boxes. Elections are run at a municipal level so extensive outreach and oversight are needed to ensure all votes are counted. 

  • Join the Wisconsin voter protection team. SIGN UP HERE for an intro session.

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Upcoming Events

Fight for Our Right to Vote Series

 The North Carolina Democratic Party kicks off this series with a Voter Protection Panel Discussion on Wednesday, April 27 at 7 PM and features voter protection experts from various Dems groups. The 3-part series focuses on voting and the work the party is doing to educate voters and fight voter suppression in North Carolina and beyond. 
Register here and bring a friend!

Fund the Movement

April Beneficiary

For more than a decade, the far-right has been undermining New Hampshire’s democratic government. They did this by quietly getting candidates to run for everything from local school boards to the state legislature and by spreading disinformation and creating chaos.

Under the aegis of the New Hampshire Local Leadership Network, a coalition of progressive organizations and the Democratic Party is mounting an effort to push back the far-right and support candidates up and down the ballot who will defend and strengthen our democracy. Your donation will go toward creating unified, well-crafted, positive, and truthful messages and developing campaign resources that will mobilize support for candidates, up and down the ballot, who are running against the far-right. This is the key to keeping the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House and flipping the state House of Representatives and the Executive Council. 

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Lean Left Vermont has raised more than $325,000 since 2017!

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