Florida crime scene: DeSantis murders Black voters’ rights

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Florida crime scene: DeSantis murders Black voters’ rights

‘Democracy in Florida isn’t functioning.’ Governor’s rigged maps rob Black voters of power. – The Guardian

Check the crime scene for yourself with this map to understand DeSantis’ racial gerrymandering scheme.

  • Where are the current congressional district boundaries?
  • Where has DeSantis redrawn the new districts to deny Black voters their power?
  • What is the racial composition of different Florida counties and tracts?
  • How do you draw political boundaries to guarantee Republicans win – regardless of how people vote?
  • Demands to have partisan judges recuse themselves?
  • Who are DeSantis corporate donors?
  • What can you do to fight for democracy?

Racial gerrymandering crime scene

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Rigged game

“This map will significantly shake up Florida’s congressional delegation, as it virtually guarantees that Democrats will lose three of their House seats in Florida: The 7th District goes from a D+5 partisan lean to R+14, the 13th District now has a partisan lean of R+12, and Rep. Al Lawson’s North Florida district is completely refigured into a solidly Republican seat. In addition, the new congressional seat that Florida gained from the 2020 census — numbered the 18th — is dark red under this map, for a GOP gain of four seats in total.” – FiveThirtyEight

“For all intents and purposes, there’s currently, in Florida, one-man rule,” said Mac Stipanovich, a longtime Republican strategist who is now retired. “Democracy in Florida is not functioning. It’s not gone, the structure is there, the possibility of a return to representative government with checks and balances remains.”

DeSantis’s plan does not make a serious effort to comply with legal protections for minority voters. An amendment in the Florida constitution, overwhelmingly approved in 2010, makes it illegal to draw a district that diminishes the ability of a minority to elect the candidate of their choosing. DeSantis nonetheless eliminated two districts that allow Black voters to do so.” – The Guardian

Make it easy for voters to see how they are being robbed of their rights

Phil Dodderidge, Vice-Chair Florida Keys Democrats wanted to alert Florida voters of how DeSantis was robbing them of their rights and what they should do. He designed this StoryMap with a little help from DemLabs using ArcGIS Online. Gerrymandering can seem confusing, so it is important to make it easy for people to understand how Republicans use gerrymandering to cheat and get more political power with less people voting for them. This StoryMap has six parts:

  1. District boundaries – before and after DeSantis’ racist gerrymander
  2. Black population by county and tract
  3. How the gerrymandering strips voters in Florida 5th and 10th district of their voting power
  4. The role of partisan judges in gerrymandering
  5. Corporate donors supporting gerrymandering and ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill
  6. What Florida voters can do to fight back to protect democracy

Before and after gerrymandering

Racism in drawing district boundaries

Denying voters in predominantly Black districts fair representation

TakeAway: Use your superpower. Fight DeSantis’ racist gerrymandering by registering to vote and encouraging others to do so too.


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