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The political pundits keep saying there is a good chance the Republicans who are pushing the big lie will retake the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and will either keep or take over the state legislatures, secretary of state offices, and local governments.
Listen to the story from the Center for Investigative Reporting to learn how this is being done.
What is happening in this story about Michigan is happening in all of Lean Left’s target states. The work that needs to get done is not glamorous, but it is essential if we are going to stop the far-right in November. 


Voting, both mail ballot and early in-person, is underway for PA May primary. Voting is a habit and people who vote in the primaries are much more likely to vote in the general election. Democrats have a chance to win the PA House of Representatives this year IF we get out to vote! 

  • Join Turn PA Blue every Tuesday to encourage people to vote on May 17th. The most effective way to reach voters right now is through making phone calls. Help get the word out to make sure Democrats can have their voices heard. SIGN UP HERE

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Senate has passed a bill that risks disqualifying thousands of lawfully cast ballots; resulting in overseas military voters not receiving their ballots in time; creating longer lines and confusion on Election Day for thousands of voters, particularly students; and threatening the privacy of ballots.

  • Urgent one-day action on Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. Join the Democrats’ Voter Protection Team in an all-out effort to stop it! Make calls to ask voters to contact their state representatives and express opposition to this dangerous bill. SIGN UP HERE.

North Carolina

How often do you get to meet Lean Left’s monthly beneficiaries? Well, now you can! Hear from the leaders of Lean Left’s March Beneficiaries as they describe their efforts to build lasting progressive, Democratic power in “the most purple state in America.” 

  • Grassroots to Win in North Carolina Fundraiser, Wednesday, April 6 at 7 pm. Co-sponsored by Lean Left Vermont and thirteen organizations in blue states across the country. Register/Donate here!


Wisconsin has its local and judicial general election on April 5th. Local elections in WI have added importance given that all elections are run at the municipal level.  New actions will be available later in April. To learn more about what is happening in Wisconsin click here.

Learn more about New HampshirePennsylvaniaNorth Carolina, and Wisconsin

Upcoming Events

Building Power Lunches in April

North Carolina Team, Monday, April 11, 12-1 pm. We’ll recap the Grassroots to Win event and talk about actions that make the best use of our time. Bring your lunch, a snack or a drink, and let’s figure out how together we can work on behalf of North Carolina voters! Sign up here

New Hampshire Team, Thursday, April 21, 12-1 pm. This is an informal meeting where activists, can brainstorm effective ways to use our skills and resources in the coming months, and find community in our shared goal of building power and strengthening our democracy. We’ll share our experiences with the actions we’ve taken and get updates on canvassing and making calls. Sign up here

Fund the Movement April Beneficiary

For more than a decade, the far-right has been undermining New Hampshire’s democratic government from the very local to the entire state government. Under the aegis of the New Hampshire Local Leadership Network, a coalition of progressive organizations and the Democratic Party are mounting an effort to push back the far-right and support candidates up and down the ballot who will defend and strengthen our democracy. 

Your donation will go toward creating unified, well-crafted, positive messages and developing campaign resources that will mobilize support for candidates, up and down the ballot, who are running against the far-right. This is the key to winning!

Or contribute through your Giving Circle!

Lean Left Vermont has raised more than $325,000 since 2017!

Check out the New Hampshire Briefing Sheet for more information about this battleground state.

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Lean Left Vermont works to elect Democrats and Progressives in key states around the nation. We empower Vermonters to engage in strategic, targeted actions that will flip congressional and state-level seats from red to blue, or keep seats blue.

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