Ginny Thomas’ Republican and Supreme Court connections: Mapping the ethics concerns

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Ginny Thomas’ Republican and Supreme Court connections: Mapping the ethics concerns

Ginni Thomas, right wing activist and wife of Justice Clarence Thomas has clients with cases before the Supreme Court. Should he recuse himself?

Ginni’s was at the Jan 6th insurrection and has been on the advisory board of Turning Point USA which arranged for buses to the insurrection.

Ginni Thomas, a longtime conservative activist, last week signed an open letter calling for the 6 January committee’s two Republican members to be ousted from the House GOP conference. Her husband was the sole Supreme Court justice to vote against releasing Donald Trump’s White House documents about the riots at the US Capitol in an 8-1 decision. A Supreme Court expert has lambasted Clarence Thomas over his refusal to recuse himself from politically charged cases which his wife has openly lobbied over.” – Independent

Relationship maps make it easier to see the connections between people, money, groups and conflicts. This map was created with the free Kumu app using public research from The New YorkerWashington PostThe Independent and other sources.

Ginni Thomas relationship map

Mapping Ginni Thomas Republican and Supreme Court connections that are raising ethics concerns.
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Cheering on the insurrectionists

“January 6, 2021. That morning, before the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C., turned into an assault on the Capitol resulting in the deaths of at least five people, Ginni cheered on the supporters of President Donald Trump who had gathered to overturn Biden’s election. In a Facebook post that went viral, she linked to a news item about the protest, writing, “love maga people!!!!” Shortly afterward, she posted about Ronald Reagan’s famous “A Time for Choosing” speech. Her next status update said, “god bless each of you standing up or praying.” – New Yorker

Council For National Policy

“Ginny Thomas has been one of the directors of C.N.P. Action, a dark-money wing of the conservative pressure group the Council for National Policy. C.N.P. Action, behind closed doors, connects wealthy donors with some of the most radical right-wing figures in America. Ginni Thomas has also been on the advisory board of Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump student group, whose founder, Charlie Kirk, boasted of sending busloads of protesters to Washington on January 6th.” – New Yorker

John Eastman clerked for Clarence Thomas

“Ginni Thomas is also connected with people who sought to undo the 2020 election results. John Eastman, the lawyer who wrote a memo on how Vice President Mike Pence could overturn the election results, previously clerked for Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court and is a close friend to the couple, according to The Times.” – Business Insider

Conservative pressure group leader

“Ginni has held leadership positions at conservative pressure groups that have either been involved in cases before the Court or have had members engaged in such cases. In 2019, she announced a political project called Crowdsourcers, and said that one of her four partners would be the founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe. Project Veritas tries to embarrass progressives by making secret videos of them, and last year petitioned the Court to enjoin Massachusetts from enforcing a state law that bans the surreptitious taping of public officials. Another partner in Crowdsourcers, Ginni Thomas said in her announcement, was Cleta Mitchell, the chairman of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative election-law nonprofit.

It, too, has had business before the Court, filing amicus briefs in cases centering on the democratic process. Thomas also currently serves on the advisory board of the National Association of Scholars, a group promoting conservative values in academia, which has filed an amicus brief before the Court in a potentially groundbreaking affirmative-action lawsuit against Harvard. And, though nobody knew it at the time, Ginni Thomas was an undisclosed paid consultant at the conservative pressure group the Center for Security Policy, when its founder, Frank Gaffney, submitted an amicus brief to the Court supporting Trump’s Muslim travel ban.” – New Yorker

TakeAway: Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Protect the integrity of the Supreme Court by rooting out ethics concerns and partisan rulings.


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How to use this map.

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