Make punchy campaign ads. Combine your message with a YouTube video and call to Action Button

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Make punchy campaign ads. Combine your message with a YouTube video and call to Action Button.

How can videos generate more responses for your campaign?

Use videos of current news headlines in your campaign’s outreach as they are already the public awareness. How can YouTube videos be embedded in your outreach campaign? How can your message be bundled with an existing video? How can viewers respond to a call to action while watching the video? How can such ads be created quickly, on a shoestring budget and without technical skills?

Add a YouTube video and Action Button to your campaign message.

This blog describes how Sherman Hardy running for County Executive in Prince George’s County, Maryland creates campaign videos with a punch using YouTube videos and Action Buttons.

Rapid response campaign ads

Embed a video and call to Action Button in your campaign message to make a bigger impact.

Works on laptops, tablets and phones

Create campaign videos that packa punch on both phones and laptops. And are easy to share with others.

How to add an Action Button

  • Create the message for your campaign
  • Choose the YouTube video to include with your message
  • This could be your own video that you have uploaded to YouTube
  • Or one that someone else has uploaded to YouTube and approved to be embedded by others
  • Choose the message for your Action Button (Donate, Volunteer, Register…)
  • Choose the link (URL) that viewers should be directed to
  • Share your video as a link or a QR Code
How to create a campaign ad that combines your message, an embedded YouTube video and a call to Action Button.

Generate more responses

Clicking on the link displays your message, the embedded YouTube video and your call to Action Button at the same time. Viewers can play the video as they normally would, read your message and act upon it immediately. Learn more about creating Action Button ads here.

Viewers see the YouTube video, your campaign message and the call to Action Button.

YouTube Guidelines

Make sure to follow the YouTube API Services Terms of Service.

Here is a simple introduction from LifeLearn : “When anyone uploads a video to YouTube, the person enters into a royalty-free licensing agreement with YouTube that grants certain public usage rights, depending on how a creator enables a video. If a video creator leaves the embed functionality enabled for a video, that person has agreed to allow other people to share that video on other mediums (including websites) without YouTube’s prior written permission according to YouTube’s Terms of Service.

  • Find a YouTube video which has the embed functionality has been enabled.
  • Do not alter that code when displaying videos on your practice website.
  • Show the video non-commercially.
  • Credit the creator of the video.
  • Do not edit or otherwise change the video.
  • Should a video creator contact you and ask you to remove a video from your website, do so immediately.”

Sherman Hardy

Sherman Hardy running for County Executive in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He is a businessman, homeowner, community activist and veteran of the US Air Force. Sherman has worked on issues such as veterans, food justice, police reform, LGBTQ, housing, homelessness, environmental, and education. 

Sherman served as Secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Prince George’s where he advocated for body-worm cameras and led the charge for the formation of the county’s police reform Taskforce to review use of force, training and other procedures. He has worked with the State’s Attorneys Office on issues such as recidivism. Sherman is also an influencer at Prince George’s County Young Democrats and a member of Progressive Maryland.

TakeAway: Use videos and Action Buttons to create campaign messages that get noticed and generate responses.


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