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Dear Friends,

Yes, it’s Monday again and we need to keep our advocacy voices heard.  Let’s get it done today and look forward to a few Tidbits tomorrow.

Onward warriors,


There are under 2 weeks of the legislative session; please keep up the pressure on our legislators and take the current Virginia Grassroots’ Calls to Action.  Note, if you are short on time, choose your priority topic(s) and do those CTAs.

Tuesday, March 1st, 5:00pm 

Messaging Working Group Meeting

The Virginia Grassroots Messaging group is alive and striving with Letters to the Editor, regional Postcarding and more to get it right this time, and to speak the truth.

RSVP to Finale 

New One Click CTA

Stop the Air and Water Pollution bill SB 657 in the House! Thanks to your efforts we stopped the stripping of the board’s permitting authority in the Senate.  SB 657 limped out of the House committee on party lines. We just need to shore up the Ds and flip 2 Rs to stop the bill in the House. Water protectors along the MVP route have been contacting their Republican delegates the last few days. Please contact your delegate and encourage others to join you. Check out this Virginia Mercury article and Delegate Plum’s excellent speech on the House floor to learn more.

TCI’s President and CEO Ashley Kenneth recently noted, “Virginia has the ample resources that it does in large part because we have not been fully funding critical services, such as education, health care, and more, for years. It is essential that we invest in the programs that help all of us to thrive as well as direct resources to those who need it most.”

TCI has released its latest easy-to-read comparison of key proposed changes to Virginia’s budget in the areas of health care, education, and more for the current and upcoming two years.

The VA House and Senate will consider their respective committee’s proposal, with votes expected today! Tell Your Lawmaker: Invest in Our Communities

Rev’d Up for Equality

Rev’d Up For EqualityMarch 9-10 Join ERA activists, advocates, and elected that worked tirelessly to ratify the ERA in Virginia on March 9 and 10, 2022 at the epicenter of lawmaking in Richmond. You can attend any part of the program – there is a menu of events for varying schedules! Many of our ERA warriors live hours away – so a 2 day gathering allows for opportunities for all. Details and signup.

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