Tuesday Tidbits, February 1, 2022

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Once again I urge you to take action on the Virginia Grassroots’ Calls To Action (CTAs).  Less than 2 weeks to Crossover, so let’s stay engaged and contact our legislators to have our voices be heard. And join us as we gather together to get our work done.

I hope you didn’t miss the exciting action on the House floor yesterday with Delegate Sally Hudson debating why minimum wage is important from her academic and life experiences interspersed with a confusing rebuttal from Delegate Nick Freitas.  Enjoy: Del. Sally Hudson vs. Del. Nick Freitas

Also for your enjoyment I have included a brief recap of Friday’s Power Lunch, Gimme Shelter.

Onward warriors,


*Ask Delegates to update utility disconnection policies for medically vulnerable – Vote YES on HB 664 – By Tuesday Afternoon – We expect this bill to be heard by the House Committee on Commerce & Energy on Tuesday, 2/1, so please take action TODAY! Questions: Emily Piontek, emily@appvoices.org.

*Protect the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – Vote NO SB532  – By Tuesday Afternoon – Contact Sharon Shutler, shutlersharon@gmail.com or Amy Bergner, abbergner@gmail.com

*Protect Clean Car Standards – Vote NO SB695 – By Tuesday Afternoon

Two Campaign Finance Action Alerts – By Wednesday Morning

  1. Contact members of the House P&E Sub-Committee on Campaign Finance (meeting on Wednesday morning 2/2 ).  Four good campaign finance bills (2 on limitations, one on restrictions on personal use of donations, and another disclosure bill) will be heard. Ask members of the sub-committee to support these bills.  Click here for emails of members of the Sub-Committee, bill numbers, and key messages that you can cut and paste into an email.  
  2. Sign a petition (click here) which will be delivered to the Governor, the heads of the two chambers (Senate and House), and Committee Chairs. Questions: Contact nancyruthmorgan@gmail.com 

*Ask our Senators to protect reforms to Governor School admission that improve equity – [
Vote NO on HB127] This bill is expected to pass in the House and be heard in the Senate Education and Health committee this week.

*Stand-Up for the 4th Amendment and Against Race-Based Policing  – OPPOSE HB79

We expect this bill to be heard in the House this week, so please take action right away. Questions: Contact info@justiceforwardva.com.

*Support Pay Parity for Public Defenders  –  Vote YES on HB862 We expect this bill to be heard in the House Courts of Justice this week, so please act right away. Questions: Contact info@justiceforwardva.com.

Ask our Senators to oppose changes to the authority of Virginia’s School Boards – [Vote NO on SB739] SB739 should be heard in the Senate Education and Health Committee this week. If passed, this bill will require schools to continue in-person education even if there is an emergency like another pandemic. If you believe public school boards should have the flexibility and authority to do what is needed for the students in their district, please email the Dem members of the Senate Education and Health Committee in an email. Email addresses are given below.  Put “Please oppose SB739” in the subject line and be sure to include your name and address. If a member of the committee is your senator, please be sure to let them know that.  Here is some suggested text for the email: “Currently, school boards in Virginia have the authority and responsibility to make decisions about most of the policies that keep the students in their district safe, healthy, and well-educated.  Because school board members reside in the school district they oversee, they are the best judge of how issues and changing condition can influence the safety, health, and education of the students in their district.  Virginians need their school boards to have the flexibility and authority to make decisions for their own schools and students, so I ask that you oppose SB739”.  

Email addresses of the members of the Senate Education and Health Committee: Louise Lucas district18@senate.virginia.gov – Richard Saslaw district35@senate.virginia.gov – Janet Howell district32@senate.virginia.gov – Mamie Locke district02@senate.virginia.gov – George Barker district39@senate.virginia.gov – Chap Petersen district34@senate.virginia.gov – Lynwood Lewis district06@senate.virginia.gov – John Edwards district21@senate.virginia.gov – Ghazala Hashmi district10@senate.virginia.gov Questions: Contact Marianne Burke, VAGrassrootsCoalition@gmail.com 

Tuesday, February 1st, 5:00pmET

Messaging Working Group Meeting

We will have updates from our sub-groups and have time for sub-groups to meet in breakout rooms. RSVP to Luisa to receive the Zoom link, luisaboyarski@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 1st, 6:00pmET

MoneyOut – Campaign Finance Reform Meeting

Discussion of campaign finance bills and plans for testifying and submitting comments. Zoom link here.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 8:30am – 9:30amET

Weekly League of Women Voters’ Legislative Roundtables In Person With Virtual Option

Feb 2 – Vouchers and Tuition Tax Credits to Private Schools; “Portability of Funds diverted from Public Schools to Private Schools”.

Feb 9 – Child Protection

Feb 16 – Money in Politics – Reform

Feb 23 – Dark Money – Honest Ads

Mar 2 – Floods – full disclosure of flood zones

Mar 9 – Final Legislative Push

RSVP here

Saturday, February 5, 2022: 9 am – 11 amET

Workshop: What the Heck is the VA Democratic Party’s Reorganization Anyways?

A View from the Grassroots UP!

Join host Network NOVA for this workshop to learn about the structure of the VA Democratic Party; the upcoming reorganization; and how to get more involved to bolster the party. It will be facilitated by Josh Stanfield: Historic Triangle Democrats, CD 2 Committee, State Central Committee and Rebecca Daly: Member of Congressional District 5 Committee and State Central Committee. More info and RSVP here

Sunday, February 6, 2020, 4:00pm – 5:30pmET

Virginia Grassroots Coalition Meeting

Zoom Link Here

Monday, February 7th, 7:00pm – 8:00pmET

Climate & Clean Energy Working Group Meeting

Join the Virginia Grassroots’ Climate & Clean Energy Working Group to hear the latest, greatest on climate & clean energy legislative efforts.  Get a better understanding of what’s happened over the last two CRAZY weeks and what to expect over the next several.  Special Guest Speaker Lizzie Hylton, Political and Legislative Director for Clean Virginia.

Contact Sharon Shutler at shutlersharon@gmail.com or Amy Bergner at abbergner@gmail.com Zoom Link Here 

Monday, February 7th, 7:00pm – 8:00pmET

NOPE 2022 Kick Off Meeting with Senator Reverend Warnock

Senator Reverend Warnock will speak with us about his reelection race and share his views on how we can protect our democracy in what will undoubtedly be a year where the foundations of our country are challenged. NOPE will be supporting Senator Reverend Warnock’s campaign as well as Georgia grassroots groups that are crucial to fighting voter suppression and getting out the vote in the state. RSVP here

The 1/28/2022 Friday Power Lunch conversation discussed homelessness and the issues surrounding affordable housing from the local, state, and national levels.

We opened the show to the Rolling Stone’s classic “Gimme Shelter” performed by musicians from around the world in this Playing for Change compilation video. In talking about why they chose to record this song, the folks at Playing for Change wrote: This song expresses the urgency we all face to unite together as a planet and offers us wisdom with the words, “War, children, it’s just a shot away… Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away”. It really is that simple. We dedicate this song to all the lost, homeless and forgotten people in this world.” In the words of an old Irish Proverb, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

Thursday (1/27/2022) was the 2nd anniversary of Virginia being the 38th state to ratify the ERA. We shared photos of the Rally in DC marking this anniversary. For more information on the status of the ERA being certified and becoming the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution, see President Biden’s statement urging Congress to act on the ERA (click here) and this NYTimes opinion piece by a member of the NYTimes editorial board (click here).

Gen Z is on fire voicing their opposition to Governor Youngkin’s actions since the start of his administration, especially his snitch line. Here are examples we showed: Tiktok video from @sewpheeyuh, Tweet from @QaqsimRashid, and a summary article in Business Insider.

To see the recording of the entire January 21 Friday Power Lunch, click here. Register for the weekly live Zoom Show here.

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