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January 22, 2022

Voting Rights

Voting rights is one of those issues where it is better to fight and lose than not fight at all. If we don’t fight for our fundamental values, why are we here?

It is completely fair to be furious at the GOP’s Democratic enablers and frustrated with Democratic leaders. Thousands of words are being written about what went wrong and who to blame.  It’s tempting to use this failure as a reason to disengage. But fascism (call it by its name) is rising. If you’re not willing to give up on America yet, let’s talk about where to channel our energy and anger.

Message from Your County Party Chair

Democratic Party State Committee Meeting Tomorrow!
The Arizona Democratic Party State Committee meets 3 times per year and tomorrow at 10 am is one of those times. If you are one of our Coconino County State Committee members and you have not yet registered — registration closes at 9 am tomorrow! The link to register is somewhere in your email. If you can’t find it, write to NOW. 

The public can view the meeting starting at 10:00 on Zoom.  Here is the agenda  (Don’t expect the meeting to end by 2 pm.)

News flash: The executive board will discuss action vs Senator Sinema at a closed meeting before the virtual convention.

Wendy Rogers Watch
First-term State Senator Wendy Rogers has made herself famous for a lot of things, none of them good. Due to a sweet little last-minute bit of gerrymandering, she’s got herself a comfortably red district in which to seek re-election, including the south half of Flagstaff. But we don’t intend to let her coast to victory or to spread her lies without challenge. 

These are just the beginning:
Rogers Raises $2.5M. Spends With Her NephewWendy Rogers Watch
This weekend our volunteers will hit the streets in her new district to distribute these doorhangers and talk to voters about the 2022 Midterms. Thanks to Save our Schools for providing the literature to us.

A Stupendous First Year
We don’t like to rag on the media, but let’s be clear:  The first year of the Biden/Harris Administration, which we celebrated yesterday, was a huge success by any historical standard. Most people don’t know that. Let’s make sure we all do — and that we’re proudly spreading the word. 

Read about it: Year One Was Great

ASL Looms
A relic from 1980 called the Aggregate Spending Limit looms over school districts throughout the state. Unless the legislature acts by March, Flagstaff Unified School District will lose over $12 million dollars. Williams will lose nearly $1 million. Grand Canyon Unified will lose over $630,000. Tuba City will lose over $2 million. Page Unified over $3 million.

Expect Republicans in the Arizona Legislature to hold public schools hostage as they demand more concessions for private charters and radical controls over curriculum as concessions for overriding the limit.

Stay tuned and prepare to RTS.

Let’s Protect the Flagstaff City Council

City Council elections are non-partisan so we don’t lend financial support to candidates in those elections. But we do act to protect democracy (with a small “d”). It turns out that our little piece of paradise here in the mountains is not immune from the creeping infiltration of radical elements. 

An unprecedented amount of money has already flowed into our city council race to support an associate of Wendy Rogers named Lori Matthews, who has thinly disguised herself by registering to vote without selecting a party. Wendy Rogers describes Matthews as her “good friend.”  Two of Rogers’ donors from Colorado, who are also radical Congresswoman Lauren Boebert donors, have contributed over $12,000 to Matthews’ city council campaign. They are joined in maxing out by another couple from Phoenix who are big supporters of Wendy Rogers. Other contributors to Matthews include the County Chair of the radicalized Coconino County Republican Party.

If you want to run for City Council, we can help you get started down the road.  Time is short; nominating petitions are due April 4. 

Now Is the Time to Train Up

Make sure your skills are ready for the Midterms. Train up with the offerings of our Education Committee — watch the calendar. Or write to ask for a special session. 

If you deleted the MiniVan app after 2020, now is the time to download it and refresh your technique!

Executive Director Hiring Underway

We’re hiring to support the tremendous expansion of party work that we have achieved over the last 4 years and lay the foundation for new leadership at the officer level beginning in 2023.

Our County Party will be the 4th in the State of Arizona to employ an Executive Director. (Maricopa, Navajo, and Pima Counties each employ their own directors as well as other staff.) This move will strengthen our party and its contribution to electing Democrats throughout the State of Arizona.

Over the past few years, we have employed a part-time office manager and several organizers as well as interns, but the management of the party has been left to our volunteer officers. It’s time to up our game to continue the work to turn Arizona blue.

This change will require a major new effort at fundraising. Please contribute to our Executive Director Fund or become a monthly donor.

Read the ED Job Description.

Donate to Our Executive Director Fund

MLK Day of Service

Our local Democrats turned very generous this year and made our MLK Day of Service a huge success. Carloads of donations went to the Flagstaff Family Food Bank, High Country Humane, and local charities in need of clothing and blankets. Thanks to Allan Gersten and Nancy Branham for organizing the event!

Sign Candidate Petitions 

You can now sign local candidate petitions online through the Arizona Secretary of State just as you do for statewide candidates!

Plus, you can make $5 donations to Clean Election Candidates such as Superintendent Kathy Hoffman and our Corporation Commission candidates through the same system!

     Click the image or follow this link:

Save the Date!

Become a Monthly Donor!

Calendar of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members Platform

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