Health Care Worker Slams Rubio For Blocking A Program To Lift Florida Children Out Of Poverty; Ileana Garcia Reveals Her True Self; Rubio Voted Against Critical Funding To Restore The Everglades

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“Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are blocking the continuation of this life-changing program for working families across Florida” 

Thanks to Democrats, families of over 3.5 million children across Florida got a monthly tax cut last year that helped them make ends meet and afford essentials like gas, groceries, and housing amid the rising cost of living. The expanded child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan helped lift hundreds of thousands of Florida children out of poverty, yet Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against it and pledged to oppose renewing it this year. 

Kaderah Bryant, a health care worker at a hospital in St. Petersburg who works with new mothers and infants, recently wrote an op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times slamming Rubio and Scott for their “heartless dereliction of their duty” in opposing the CTC expansion and highlighting how it has helped her family. 
Tampa Bay Times: Op-ed: The expanded Child Tax Credit is a lifeline for working families
By Kaderah Bryant 

Key points: With the costs of things like housing and utilities continuing to skyrocket in Florida, it is getting more and more difficult to balance our budgets while having anything left over to plan for a future emergency or just a new backpack for our kids.

That’s why I was so excited last year when I received my first payment from the expanded Child Tax Credit that was passed as part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. On the 15th of every month since last July, I’ve had the security of knowing that our family would be receiving a much needed boost to help us pay for basic necessities like groceries or a trip to the doctor’s office.

It hasn’t just been my family that’s benefitted. All across Florida, the families of 3.8 million children have been able to count on a payment of up to $300 per month per child to help them stay ahead. Due to this vital program, over 272,000 children in our state have been lifted out of poverty in just the last six months.

But when I checked my bank account on Jan. 15, that payment wasn’t showing up. That’s because Republicans like Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are blocking the continuation of this life-changing program for working families across Florida. This is after they voted against the expanded Child Tax Credit in the first place. They’re letting politics stand in the way of helping those who need it most, our children. It’s not only bad policy, it’s a heartless dereliction of their duty to help those they were elected to serve.

We need to support the passage of the Build Back Better Act so that families like mine and those I serve can continue to benefit from the expanded Child Tax Credit. I know what this program has meant to my family and I know there are thousands of families just like us who have been able to rest a little easier at night these last six months without the burden of worrying about whether all the bills will be paid. Please don’t take this lifeline away from us.

Ileana Garcia Reveals Her True Self

Republican Senator thinks children born out of rape are “presumed second-class citizens”; Floridians should get over discrimination because Barack Obama was President

This week, embattled State Senator Ileana Garcia (R-Miami) joined CBS 4’s Facing South Florida, where she revealed her true self and offered her constituents a look at her core values. She may have ducked and dodged questions we deserve the answers to, but Ileana Garcia made several things very clear: she is itching to radically change Florida by taking away reproductive choice—refusing to support exceptions for victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking; she wants to prolong the COVID-19 pandemic by discouraging vaccinations; and she does not believe racism exists after the Obama presidency. 

“Though Senator Ileana Garcia refuses to answer questions on electoral fraud and widespread crime with her 2020 election, she has made clear children born out of rape are seen as second-class citizens and women should be denied the freedom to make decisions over their health care,” said Tim Wagner, political director with the Florida Democratic Party’s Senate Victory campaigns. “Worse, she refuses to share the facts on how life-saving vaccines are the best tool to get ahead of COVID-19 and believes that discrimination in America is over because Barack Obama was elected twice as president of the U.S. These extremist views have no place in the Florida Senate. This November, Ileana Garcia will be held accountable for the fraud tied to her campaign and her out-of-touch beliefs that deny Floridians the very freedoms so many have fought for in this country.”


#1 – Ileana Garcia wants to force a woman to carry a pregnancy resulting from rape— NO exceptions!
[4 :11] Jim DeFede: “Do you believe that abortion should be outlawed, even in cases of rape in incest?”
GARCIA: “I think that that is definitely something that needs to be considered. I’m pro life so I can’t tell you otherwise, Jim.”

#2 – Ileana Garcia is hiding whether or not she has received the safe, tested COVID-19 vaccines.
[12:47] Jim DeFede: “Are you vaccinated and boosted?”
GARCIA: “I don’t think that that’s a subject that everybody should be talking about. I just stay away from that subject, because it just brings about a situation where people stop talking to each other, and that doesn’t resolve anything.”

#3 – Ileana Garcia claims that racism and discrimination ended when the United States elected Barack Obama.
[9:37] Jim DeFede: “You don’t think that the African American experience today is different than the experience [of] either yourself or someone like me?”
GARCIA: “No, not at all.”
DeFede: “You think it’s the same?”
GARCIA: “Yes, we do. That’s why we had Obama as president. That’s the best example in the world. Obama was president. Not for four years, for eight. So–you know.”

Marco Rubio Voted Against Critical Funding To Restore The Everglades And Strengthen Supply Chains

Today the White House announced new funding to invest in ports and waterways as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that Marco Rubio and every Florida Republican voted against. This funding will strengthen the country’s shipping infrastructure to help move goods to their destinations faster and makes one of the largest investments on record in restoring the Everglades and protecting Florida’s coastal waterways from the damaging effects of climate change. 

“The Everglades are an essential part of South Florida’s ecosystem, providing clean drinking water for millions and protecting communities from dangerous flooding and storm surges. Yet Marco Rubio was too weak to put his own political agenda aside and vote for legislation to protect and preserve the Everglades for years to come. Floridians who depend on the Everglades can’t depend on Marco Rubio to do what’s best for them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

Some of the most critical new projects that the new funding for ports and waterways Rubio voted against include: 

  • The largest ever single investment in protecting and restoring South Florida’s Everglades 
  • Restoration of coastlines to protect against erosion and flooding in Pinellas County  
  • Funding to enhance waterway infrastructure across the country to improve shipping

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