“Recusal Woes” and “Dodging DeWine:” What’s Making Headlines With Republican #OHGOV Candidates This Week

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Good Monday afternoon, and welcome back to Mike Check, your weekly source of all the infighting, conspiracy spewing and corruption that’s making headlines in and around the Republican governor’s race and Mike DeWine’s statehouse, courtesy of the Ohio Democratic Party. 

As the gubernatorial race heats up, Republicans are in disarray with Mike DeWine’s popularity dropping by the day, facing attacks both inside and outside of the Republican Party, and having to answer for the largest public corruption scandal in state history. It’s hard to keep up with all of the corruption and mess surrounding Mike DeWine and the GOP gubernatorial primary, so here are some stories you may have missed:

RECUSAL WOES. Pat DeWine is once again picking and choosing when he wants to rule on cases involving his dad or not, playing politics with the highest court in Ohio. Last week, Pat DeWine, refused to hear arguments or rule on a case closing last week involving the state’s “Vax-A-Million” COVID vaccine lottery. The reason? His father was one of the defendants. Yet, hearing a case involving your dad and other Republicans blatantly shoving political power towards themselves through gerrymandered district maps is perfectly “ethical?” Ok, Pat. 

DODGING DEWINE Mike DeWine is once again hiding and dodging any accountability to Ohio voters, this time by trying to dictate to the Ohio press corps what questions they’re allowed to ask. Ahead of a press conference Friday morning DeWine demanded reporters submit their questions ahead of time, showing how scared he really is to take accountability and answer questions about the real issues impacting Ohio: 

It’s only the latest example of DeWine dodging accountability as he’s spent the last year trying to ‘no comment’ his way out of the largest public corruption scandal in Ohio history and refusing to tell Ohioans what he knew about the scandal and when. 

Thanks for catching up with us, that’s all the Mike Check we’ve got for this week. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season! If you have questions my email is ckeir@ohiodems.org. Have a great week! 

What They’re Saying: The GOP #OHSEN Primary Is “One Of The Most Expensive In The Country”

The Ohio Republican Senate primary is one of the most expensive races in the country. The crowded primary is “unprecedented,” “expected to break records,” and “one of the costliest elections in America.” 

An expensive primary with five well-funded candidates could mean a long, protracted primary fight that forces candidates to extreme positions and hobbles the eventual Republican nominee. Without any records to be proud of, the out-of-touch millionaires have already descended into personal and nasty attacks that will spotlight each of the candidates’ individual weaknesses that could carry over into the general election. 

Here’s what they’re saying: 

  • Review Times: “With campaign spending in the race for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat in 2022 expected to break records, Ohioans should brace for a bombardment of political advertising — and soon.”
  • David Niven, Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati: “Part of this is going to be an arms race. There will be money spent because others are spending money. Expect it to be a record-breaking campaign.”
  • Fox News: “The showdown is fast becoming the most expensive and ugly GOP Senate contest in next year’s midterms.”
  • Wall Street Journal: “Each has the means to assemble a fully loaded war chest for the primary battle. In interviews, all five said they expected to raise—from individual contributions or their own bank accounts—the $10 million that political operatives estimate a successful primary contest would cost…That would give them all the ability to pitch to the two million Republican voters in the state’s 12 media markets. A primary with so many well-funded candidates would be unprecedented, political operatives said.”
  • Cleveland.com: “Thanks to a rare mix of factors – an open seat, several independently wealthy candidates funding their campaigns and one billionaire super donor — Ohio’s Republican U.S. Senate primary stands out as one of the costliest elections in America.”
  • NBC News: “Nearly all of the ad spending has been on the Republican side, thanks to a crowded Republican primary to replace Portman.”
  • Axios: “The race is expected to be one of the most expensive in the country, during a midterm cycle that will likely break election spending records.” 
  • Roll Call: “The open Senate race in Ohio has attracted the most self-funders so far, with five Republicans putting in their own money to bolster their campaigns.”
  • Politico: “Former President Donald Trump has yet to issue an endorsement in the race, which has featured messy attacks and high-dollar outside super PAC spending.”

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