Holiday GIFs for Your Mental Health & Extending Child Checks

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Shop Ethically This Holiday Season

Still on the hunt for gifts? Last minute shopping you need to get done? Shop ethically for the holidays by shopping at small, Black-, and POC-owned businesses. Download and share these GIFs to promote staying clear of large corporations when possible this holiday season. 

BBB: Child Checks

The best gift of all is making sure our families and children are taken care of. Use these GIFs to show your support in extending the Child Tax Checks and making sure they’re accessible. 

The Anniversary of January 6th

The act of treason that happened on January 6, 2021 is a scar on our nation’s history that is far from healed. To secure our democracy, we have to continue to demand justice. Use these GIFs and memes to commemorate Jan 6th and keep fighting for democracy, 

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