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January 6th

Is the GOP Splintering?

After this poll was released, this question came to me on Twitter: I see two possibilities ahead for the Republican Party. #1: The party hardens as a right-wing white nationalist party and shrinks in size. #2: Moderate conservatives retake the

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El 6 de enero Hay que Investigarlo 

Las familias hispanas tenemos historias llenas de adversidad, retos y mucho, mucho trabajo.  Generaciones han sufrido las consecuencias de movimientos armados — políticos o criminales — y todos compartimos un intenso amor


Sound and Fury

I have felt like crying all day. The news that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) seems so entrenched in his position that he will not support the sweeping election reform bill known as

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Meet Austin Chenge

Yesterday, Austin Chenge became the first Republican candidate against Governor Whitmer. You won't believe the extremism he put forward on his first day.