Who is Blocking the Path to Citizenship?

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Who is blocking the path to citizenship?

Who is blocking the path to citizenship? Fighting DACA and the rights of Dreamers? Follow the money to see how Republicans serve the need of billionaires for cheap labor.

Republicans oppose DACA, Dreamers and a path to citizenship so their billionaire donors can get cheap labor.

Corporations make money in two ways. Charge more for products and pay workers a living wage. Or cut costs and exploit workers. Corporations and farmers exploit undocumented workers who have few rights as a cheap source of labor to increase their profits. If these workers had a path to citizenship, corporations would have to give them the minimum wage.

Follow the money with this relationship map to see how billionaires have rigged the system to:

  • Take advantage of undocumented workers
  • Opposition to a living wage
  • The right to organize worker unions
  • Exploit prison labor
Republicans help billionaires get cheap labor in return for political donations. Follow the money.

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Designing the Path to Citizenship relationship map

“Buses of Workers Taken From Koch Foods in Mississippi Immigration Raids. A tearful 13-year-old boy whose parents are from Guatemala waved goodbye to his mother, a Koch worker, as he stood beside his father. Workers who were confirmed to have legal status were allowed to leave the plant after having their trunks searched.” – Fortune

“Hundreds of Their Workers Were Arrested in Mississippi ICE Raids, But No Employers Have Been Charged Yet” – Time

How is it that a billionaire-owned corporation can use undocumented workers without any meaningful penalty? Why do other corporations so strongly oppose a living wage or their workers’ right to unionize? Use prison labor?

Follow the money to get to the truth. Who has the most to lose if eligible workers were granted citizenship? Who would lose? How do billionaires block immigration reform and fight DACA? We used data from several sources to create this relationship map using the free Kumu app.

What emerges is a sad story of how Republicans deny workers their rights (and their votes) to provide cheap labor to their billionaire donors. Check the map for yourself.


Political donations: Open Secrets
Path to citizenship: The HillAmerican Bridge
Undocumented workers: LA Times
Minimum WageThink Progress
UnionsCorp WatchWashington Post
Prison LaborCorporate Accountability LabGlobalTelWorth RisesHuffPost

TakeAway: Show how billionaires have rigged the system to get cheap labor and block a path to citizenship for new immigrants.


How to use the Path to Citizenship Obstacles map

Republicans block the path to citizenship to help their billionaire donors get cheap labor

Cartoons used in this relationship map

Corporations should pay a living wage to their workers
Labor unions fight for their workers' rights
Republicans shower tax cuts on the rich
Billionaires lobby to get cheap labor
Republicans use racism to insult immigrants

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Featured image by Wolverton.

Reposted from Democracy Labs with permission.

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