Florida Democratic Party Chair’s Statement on the Build Back Better Agenda

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Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement:

“President Biden and Democrats are close to passing an ambitious and popular agenda that will enhance the quality of life of Floridians and all Americans. It will help to boost our economy, create good-paying jobs, improve health care options for seniors, address the challenges brought on by climate change and bring tax relief and lower costs to middle class families. 

“It is further proof that Democrats are delivering for the American people. While Republicans are busy validating conspiracy theories and stoking divisive culture wars, Democrats are working every day to find solutions to our nation’s challenges and addressing the people’s needs and aspirations.

“Although I am disappointed that every single Florida Republican member of Congress has bitterly opposed this agenda from its inception, I am not surprised. The Republican Party is bereft of ideas, purpose and courage. Democrats were put in charge to take action and work to improve the lives of Americans, and this agenda shows what can be accomplished when you set ambitious goals and do the work needed to accomplish them.

“We have a ways to go, but this represents a bold, concrete step towards creating a nation with a fairer economy that works for all. I congratulate Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, the Democratic members of Congress, and every activist at the local level that helped provide the impetus and momentum to get us to this point.”

Florida Democratic Party Chair’s Statement on DeSantis Setting Special Elections for South Florida Legislative Races

After months of delay, Governor Ron DeSantis finally set the special elections for three South Florida legislative seats that will become vacant in January. South Florida voters had filed a lawsuit against the Governor before he made this decision. The three district seats being vacated are in Broward County, Senate District 33 and two seats in Palm Beach County, House District 88 and 94 which have large Democratic constituencies. 

In the Governor’s executive order he set the primary election date for Jan.11 and the general election for March 8. Clearly, this timeline coincides with the Florida Legislature holding its annual legislative session from Jan.11 – March 11, 2021.
In reaction to the Governor’s delayed and insufficient action, Florida Democratic Chair Manny Diaz issued this statement: 

“It took a lawsuit for Gov. DeSantis to do his job in calling for special elections in South Florida. Even then, his actions are severely lacking and insulting to tens of thousands of voters. What he is doing is disenfranchising voters, denying them representation during the upcoming legislative session. He is silencing voters including an untold number of minority voters in South Florida. 

“Taking a page from autocrats, DeSantis is stifling the voices of Floridians. He learned about the upcoming vacancies in July and it took him 87 days to call for a special election. Floridians are exhausted by his political games. This is not how a democracy operates, DeSantis must be removed from office next year. Floridians deserve better.”

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