Continuing the fight to protect workers’ rights

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Happy Labor Day!

Celebrating Labor Day is about more than enjoying the unofficial end to summer or an extra day off for some workers. Celebrating the labor movement that brought us safer working conditions, fair pay, a 40-hour workweek, child labor laws, and more is the true purpose of this day.

You see, before the labor movement, workers across the country were working for little pay in unsafe and unsanitary workplaces — children were often among them. Thanks to the original organizers of the labor movement, we have 40-hour workweeks, workplace benefits, workplace safety standards, child labor laws, and so much more.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working to continue to protect and expand workers’ rights.

To this day, we’re still seeing attacks on the workplace from the Republican Party — from putting corporations before people to their partisan attacks on unions through the courts and state legislatures over the years. So we keep fighting.

Today — whether you’re working or enjoying the day off — take a moment to remember why we celebrate Labor Day and why we must continue to fight to protect workers’ rights in our country.

Thank you,

Andre Washington
Ohio Democratic Party

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