GIFs to fight for reproductive rights and support recovery from Hurricane Ida.

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Protect Reproductive Rights

Access to reproductive health is non-negotiable. We now need to protect Roe v. Wade more than ever. Use these GIFs to show that reproductive rights are human rights.

Women holding a sign that says "defend Roe v. Wade"
Woman with her fist in the air and holding up her shirt. On her abdomen are the words "abortion is healthcare"

Recovery from Hurricane Ida

Our hearts are with all of those affected as they begin to build back from Hurricane Ida. Massive rainfall and winds have devastated lives from the Gulf Coast up through New England, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t act now. Use these GIFs to demand bold climate action.

Image of a revolving Earth with the words "Our earth is worth fighting for"
Image of a storm. On top are the words "this isn't hurricane season this is climate change"
Image of a woman holding up a bouquet of flowers. The words written throughout state "bold action for climate care, jobs, justice"

Meet the Artist

Julie Van Grol

Headshot of artist Julie Van Grol

Julie Van Grol is an illustrator and instructor based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves to play with color and exaggeration to tell stories of all kinds. Find her on Instagram: @julievangrol

Picture of Dolly Parton with the words "vaccine vaccine vaccine" appearing
Image of a bunch of people with the words "thank you Georgia organizers" written above
Group of people sitting in a circle holding hands. Above the words "best friends 4ever" show up above

Labor Day

Labor Day isn’t just a long weekend — it’s a celebration of the unions that gave us weekends in the first place. It’s just around the corner. Use these GIFs to celebrate Labor Day and show your support for workers everywhere.

Image of someone holding up a wrench with the words "support workers" written
Image of an image of the capitol being put together like a puzzle that says "workers will rebuild this country"
Image of clapping hands with the words "never stop celebrating frontline workers" written across

Public Installation for Jamal Khashoggi

This past week, in partnership with Freedom First, IntoAction built some public art on the National Mall to honor the memory of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and call out Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his enablers in Washington.

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