What’s in the new budget for you?

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New budget invests in working Americans and the environment.

The new Democratic budget strengthens the public safety net, invests in working Americans and the environment.

Universal preschool, paid family leave, federal support for child care and elder care, an expansion of Medicare and a broad effort to tackle climate change, paid for by tax increases on the super-rich and corporations. Check this StoryMap to see how you come out ahead.

New Budget provide a strong safety net, better healthcare and paid for by taxes on the super rich.
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New Budget

It is expected to include universal preschool, paid family leave, federal support for child care and elder care, an expansion of Medicare and a broad effort to tackle climate change — all paid for through tax increases on high earners and companies. – NY Times

“Today is a great day of pride for our country and for Democrats,” Ms. Pelosi declared on the House floor, after days of intensive talks with rank-and-file lawmakers. “Not only are we building the physical infrastructure of America, we are building the human infrastructure of America to enable many more people to participate in the success of our economy and the growth of our society.”

Republican tax cuts for the wealthy

“In 1980 the federal deficit was soaring and Ronald Reagan campaigned on a singular promise: He planned to cut taxes on everyone, but especially the rich. He insisted that those benefits would quickly trickle down to everyone and supercharge the economy. Throw in some social safety net cuts, Republicans said, and the whole plan would pay for itself. In 2001—and again in 2003—George W. Bush passed a tax cut. Once again, Republicans said it would supercharge the economy and pay for itself.

They were wrong. All we got was a jobless recovery and a housing bubble that wrecked the economy. It produced the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.” – Mother Jones

Maps and graphics make it easier for people to see how they benefit

Use StoryMaps to make it easier for people to understand how they benefit.

New budget helps working Americans

The new budget prioritizes working Americans. It invests in people, their healthcare, education and housing. It invests in protecting the environment.

“Five out of the six largest fires on record in California are still burning, and the state has witnessed more charred acreage than any year in recorded history. Oregon and Washington have also suffered multiple catastrophic wildfires this year. Across the U.S. as a whole, the average annual acreage burned by wildfires doubled over the last two decades.” – SIEPR Stanford

TakeAway: Make it easier for people to see how budgets impact their lives. Improve your digital storytelling with StoryMaps.


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