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Vote No to Stop the Recall: This is an emergency! 

Ballots have dropped and voting by mail is already underway. The polls are extremely tight – 538 polls show it’s down to a 1% gap between Vote No and Vote Yes. And all it takes is 50% + 1 to Vote “Yes” on a recall! So vote now and then tell your friends.

Friend Bank: Tell your friends and family not only how important this is but also how close we are to having a governor who represents less than 20% of Californians. The rules are so skewed that Newsom could get 49.9% and yet whomever of the 46 on ballot got the most votes (potentially as little as 10-15%!) would be our new governor. That’s not democracy!
Lots of folks don’t understand that the race is super close because they don’t realize how it works. Some may think there’s no way we could lose so why bother to vote. While others may think it’s OK to say Yes as a protest to Newsom without realizing the alternatives are much worse for all of our progressive issues. Talk it up … get your friends to talk it up.
And there are lots of options for action on our Stop the Recall link tree, including:

Phone Banks: Join our phone banks on Sundays, make calls on your own or join other phone banks (Activate AmericaGrassRoots Dems). You can make calls any day of the week. 

Texting:Sign up to Text to Stop the Recall.

Banner Brigade: Take a shift on the brigade hoisting Stop the Recall Vote No banner for I-80 motorists. Sign up here

Digital Friend Banking: If you want to reach out by email or text to all your Democrat and independent friends that are registered in California, there’s a cool new tool for that, Outreach Circle. It lets you match your contacts to the list of registered Democrats and Independents in California to let you know who to contact. You control the subject, the message and who you chose to send it to/or not. Here’s how to get started.

P.S.- the Stop the Recall actions are our focus this week, but remember that voting rights are still a high priority! RSVP here for Saturday’s March On for Voting Rights.

Stop the Republican Recall. Just Vote No!

Tell your friends- and find more Stop the Recall actions on the link tree.

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