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As seen, again, on fb: “Do you know anyone who’s had COVID-19, yes or no?” Lots to say, for starters what a measure of class and race that is. But there’s a good chance you know more people with COVID now than ever. The Delta variant is one of the most contagious respiratory diseases we know of – and that puts it conservatively. Local schools are back in session, or will be soon. Maybe you can’t stay home all the time. But we can all be careful out there. If you got the J&J vaccine, and/or are immune compromised, check with your doctor about getting a booster (not all docs recommend it). And for pete’s sake, take all possible precautions and don’t take unnecessary risks. We care about you. We need you. Please – Be careful.

Action: Still saying no to the recall

Deadline: NOW – Even as we write, ballots are arriving for the September 14 recall election. We know our readers’ opinions vary on this, and that matters to us – but Indivisible East Bay is steadfastly against the recall of Gov. Newsom, for the reasons in our previous article. And more: Over 40 candidates are opposing Newsom (not counting John Cox’s bear), and the odds are huge that if Newsom loses, it’ll be to a Republican. If we lose either of our two Senators before their term ends, the Governor will appoint a replacement. Meaning, ousting Newsom could mean handing the Senate to the GOP. Do you really dislike him that muchCheck out these volunteer activities you can help with – think of it as helping keep the Senate from falling! Social media superheroes, help spread the word using this page of customizable posts. And finally, check your registration status, or register to vote online.

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Your donations support our work undoing the effects of the Evil Empire and fighting for a just society, but do not go to candidate-related events.

We Could Not Make This Up

School’s back! Gym Jordan, you’re down for remedial logic. Jordan recently tweeted: “President Obama didn’t have to wear a mask at his birthday party. But your kids have to at school. Rules for thee, but not for me.” Um … Obama’s party was outdoors & everyone was vaxxed. Schoolkids are indoors, and they don’t have to be vaxxed. Obama didn’t make any rules about the pandemic. Three strikes … yer out! (If only …) And speaking of sports – Lauren Boebert scored a new low by retweeting a conspiracy theory about trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard: that she “switch[ed] genders” just to compete in the Olympics, didn’t succeed, and now is “stuck being a woman for the rest of [her] life.” 

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