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Democracy itself is at stake. The Republican Party has cratered, warped and morphed into a proto-fascist cult faction. Its zombies spew the Big Lie, spit anti-voter laws, and cough up Covid disinformation, blindly following Trump, their politically undead leader. And historic trends suggest they will win the Senate and House in the 2022 midterms.  But you can stop that from happening. Because you care. About our democracy. About people of color, women, and young people having an equal voice in government. About creating an America that finally lives up to its ideals. Caring is the only qualification you need to change the world.  We’re here to make it easy to turn that caring into fun and effective action. And there’s more good news. You are not alone – you’re part of a giant activist movement that’s already done the impossible three times – flipping the House, the White House, and the Senate. So let’s keep creating our own historic trend. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity below – there’s something for every taste on our activism menu. Together, let’s deliver a government with a zero zombie tolerance policy!


AIN’T NO PARTYLIKE A TEXTING PARTY!Get ready to BYOP – Bring Your Own Phone – to a whole new, groundbreaking style of text bank! We’re piloting this version Thursday, 8/12, at 4p PT, and we’ll be registering new Democrats and urging them to vote NO on the Republican-funded California Recall. Unless we get massive blue turnout, California could end up with some random D-List Celeb as Governor – who could get the chance to replace Dianne Feinstein with a Republican, thereby costing us the Senate majority. Plus, Gavin Newsom has done a dang good job: 65% of Californians vaccinated with one dose, eviction protections, free universal Pre-K, a rebounding economy, $458 million for fire prevention, and more. So BYOP – we’ll train you to save Newsom, and democracy in general, with nothing more than a text from your computer, using your data plan. Our game-changing goal is the ability to text without having to raise money for expensive texting software. But full disclosure: we’re still working out the kinks. This “pay what you can” textbanking uses slightly awkward technology. So if you’re at all tech-challenged, talk a tech-savvy friend into coming with you. Click HERE to sign up! Have zero dollars but still want to text? We got you. Just email, and we’ll make it happen. 

FIND WHERE YOU’RENEEDED MOST:FIELD TEAM 6 IMPACT MAP! In the right places, all it takes is a few Democrats to swing an election. And now the Field Team 6 Impact Map can tell you where those places are! It’s as easy as entering your zip code! Hypertargeting is one of the biggest reasons we are so effective. We’ve individually analyzed every one of the 435 House districts in the country to find the most flippable Republicans and most vulnerable Democrats. On this map, you can now hover over any target district or state, and see what our specific electoral goals are. The map also shows all our upcoming events and trainings at a glance, and lets you sign up with a click. Because time is the most precious resource we have. We have to spend it where it counts. And this beautiful map makes it even easier to do that! Click HERE for the map! Find out what you can do, wherever you are, to make a major impact today. And meet the amazing Fiona Majeau, the superbrain behind this map, in our Volunteer Shout-Out below!


WONDER DEMOCRACY POWERS… ACTIVATE!Field Team 6 is thrilled to shout out our continuing partnership with Activate22. We partnered last year (when they were known as Activate 2020!) and they played a crucial role in our registration efforts to flip Arizona blue! This homegrown community of enthusiastic volunteers uses data-driven strategies to register new voters in order to protect our democracy and save (and expand) our House and Senate majorities in 2022! This year our Activated friends have handwritten 30,000 postcards to unregistered likely Democrats in Arizona and Texas. Now we are joining forces to raise the $3,000 needed to textbank these same folks — confident that more “touches” will produce a higher rate of new registrations. Please check them out at and consider helping fund these efforts in Texas and Arizona… both critical states for a Blue 2022!


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11:NEXT SOCIAL MEDIA STORMEvery Wednesday we hit the web to raise awareness for Field Team 6’s efforts to register Democrats and save the world. Recent storms have averaged over 10 million impressions each – incredible! These storms are making a difference and the more who join, the bigger the difference! Storm any time on your own or join our upcoming storm on Wednesday, August 11 at 11a PT on Zoom for some socializing and training to develop mad storming skillz! RSVP HERE. No idea what we’re talking about? Show up and learn! Our very own Deb Verla is literally a training professional and will make it fun and easy. And you can always find info on our latest storm as well as cool pre-made posts right HERE

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11:WEEKLY POSTCARD PARTYHave you ever wanted to write voter registration postcards in a group from the comfort of your kitchen table? Then our weekly postcarding parties are right up your alley! Join Postcarding Queen Laurie Mendik at our upcoming virtual shindig this Wednesday, August 11 from 2-3p PT. She’ll get you trained up and ready to write. RSVP HERE! If you’d like to order some of our incredible Shepard Fairey-designed cards, click HERE. And if you can’t contain your postcarding enthusiasm until Wednesday, feel free to get started any time right HERE!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 12:LIVE TRAININGS ARE HERE! We currently have trainings on the calendar for 7 of our 9 battleground states. (TX and NV coming soon!) Our trainers are inspired, inspiring people who will fire you up and give you everything you need to hold a fun, easy, effective voter drive in your target state!

Thursday, 8/12 7-8p ET – RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register PA Democrats In Person! ​

Wednesday, 8/18 7:30-8:30p CT –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register WI Democrats In Person! 

Saturday, 8/21 1-2p ET –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register NC Democrats In Person! 

Tuesday, 8/24 7-8p ET –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register GA Democrats In Person! 

Wednesday, 8/25 6-7p PT –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register CA Democrats In Person! 

Thursday, 8/26 6-7p ET –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register FL Democrats In Person! 

Thursday, 9/2 6-7p Arizona Time / PT –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register AZ Democrats In Person!

 (Nevada is the only state we still need a trainer for – any inspired trainers out there want to take that on? Drop us a line HERE!)

TUESDAY, AUGUST 17:OP-ED POWER — SOLD OUT!Our next workshop on the awesome power of Op-Eds (a follow-up to a smashing June event) is now sold out! Voting rights advocate, published Op-Ed author, and recent Field Team 6 volunteer of the week, Valerie Morishige, will be walking thirty lucky folks through the ins & outs of writing citizen Op-Eds to influence politicians and bring about positive policy changes. A reminder for those who scored a (virtual) seat… the event is Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm PT/9pm ET. And for those who missed out, watch this space… we might be able to convince Valerie to do it again. Op-Eds are such a powerfully outsized tool for change, we should all learn how to write them!

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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