Republicans are corrupting our democracy…and everything else you need to know in the states this week

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1. GOP: Corrupting democracy
2. Supreme Court: Upholding voter restrictions
3. Virginia: Protecting voting rights
4. Act: Helping Florida
Candidate Spotlight: Priscilla Smith, GA HD-34

Four races TOMORROW that could change everything about 2022:

In less than 24 hours, Republicans think they’ll easily hold onto four of their longtime strongholds in Alabama, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

But that gives Democrats an opportunity: If we beat the odds, prove Republicans wrong, and flip even ONE of their bright-red seats blue, we’ll send alarm bells ringing in GOP offices all across the country.

We’d love nothing more than to ruin the GOP’s victory parties with a major Democratic win.

Here’s the truth: Flipping seats like these is an uphill battle. We know it, they know it, and they’re so confident that they’ve probably already written victory speeches.

That’s why our candidates are relying on us to build momentum, power critical get-out-the-vote programs, and help them notch victories to safeguard our states from Republican tyranny. 

They spread Trump’s lies. They attended Trump’s riot. Now they’re up for re-election:

500. That’s the number of Republican insurrectionists who are up for re-election this year or next.

These are the GOP lawmakers who shamelessly aided and abetted Trump’s attempt to overthrow our democracy – either by attending the riot that left people dead, brazenly calling to overturn the 2020 election, or spreading Trump’s false claims to remove faith in our elections.

Enough is enough. We just announced the launch of the Stop the Insurrectionists Fund – to defeat as many of Trump’s cronies as possible in each and every zip code – and we’re asking YOU to join this fund as a Founding Member.

That’s what we’re up against: 500 p

ower-hungry Republicans who’ve gone from helping inspire an insurrection on January 6th to laying the groundwork for another assault on our democracy next time Trump is on the ballot.

Now, they’re mounting an all-out war to rewrite our elections laws and launch sham “audits” in order to subvert future elections.

The Stop the Insurrectionists Fund is a crucial tool to stop these 500 insurrectionists and their allies from tearing apart the soul of our country. We can’t let extremism, conspiracy theories, and, worst of all, Trump, define our future.

History will remember how Democrats fought back, Jake. Please, don’t let this moment slip by: Chip in today to our Stop the Insurrectionists Fund >>

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