Republicans introduce extreme anti-voter legislation

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Ohio Republicans are committed to setting a new standard for extreme anti-voter legislation.

We knew this was coming, but we didn’t know just how bad the anti-voter legislation Ohio Republicans put forward would be. This legislation takes the voter suppression measures we saw in Georgia and Florida this year to a whole new level.

When it comes to anti-voter legislation, Ohio Republicans have set a new standard. This bill only serves to take Ohio further back in the fight for voting rights in our state.

The most recent attack on our right to vote includes:

  • Eliminating a day of early voting on the Monday before Election Day,
  • Cutting off Ohioans’ ability to request an absentee ballot 10 days out from an election, removing a week that Ohioans were previously able to request an absentee ballot,
  • Requiring two forms of ID for online absentee ballot requests,
  • Prohibiting anyone but the Secretary of State from providing prepaid postage for absentee ballot request returns and providing no funding for the Secretary to be able to do so,
  • Codifying Frank LaRose’s nonsensical limit of one dropbox location per county that can only be used in cases of emergency, but making a confusing exception to the rule 10 days out from an election, and
  • Forcing Ohioans to opt-in to ‘automated’ voter registration through the BMV, meaning voter registration isn’t automated at all.
  • We’re fighting back against their anti-voter tactics every step of the way — and we’ll take it to court if we have to. But fighting back won’t be easy and we need to make sure we have the resources to do so — will you help us fill our Ohio Voting Rights Legal Fund to ensure we can protect the right to vote for every single Ohioan? Rush a donation of $10 or more right away.

The fight for Ohio’s future is on,

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