Make videos the easy way. Free app includes hundreds of royalty-free video clips and soundtracks.

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Make videos the easy way. Free app includes hundreds of royalty-free video clips and soundtracks.

Videos get six times more traction on Facebook! Learn how to quickly and easily create videos for free with Lumen5.

We created a 25 second video of Ted’s vacation in Cancun with Lumen5. The free app includes hundreds of royalty-free, professionally made videos and soundtracks for your to work with. It took less than an hour to create this video complete with beach music. This blog explains how to cut your costs and create your own videos for free with just a computer and no video production skills.

Ted Cruz vacations in Cancun while Texans freeze

Video of Ted Cruz vacationing in Cancun while millions of Texans free with power blackouts.

How to create videos with Lumen5

This short video has four frames with captions and a soundtrack.
1. The video opens with a warm beach scene using a stock video clip that we chose from the Lumen5 video catalog.
2. Next we transition to a person walking on the beach.
3. We simply searched for ‘BEACH’ in the catalog to find the video clips to use.
4. The duration of each video clip is set for 4 seconds to keep the video moving briskly.
5. We uploaded a stock photo of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and added a caption.
6. The final frame consists of the popular “Don’t Mess With Texas” sign.
7. Next we search for a soundtrack suitable for a beach scene and chose “Walk on the beach”.
8. The video was published and then uploaded to YouTube which can be seen here.

Ted Cruz vacations in Cancun while Texans freeze.
How to create videos for free with the Lumen5 app which includes hundreds of royalty-free videos and soundtracks for you to work with.

Lumen5 video creation app

Lumen5 makes it easy to create videos and comes in a both a free version and paid premium versions with more features. It includes thousands of free-to-use photos, videos and soundtracks. You can also upload your own images and videos like we did this in the video about Ted’s vacation. Best of all, you do not have to know anything about creating videos, and all you need to use it is a regular laptop.

Videos belong in your persuasion toolkit

Video is good for SEO. The more video content you produce, the more likely you will appear in top search results. Adding a video to your post can increase your reach and visibility dramatically: in fact, it can increase your chances of making it to the top of Google search results, according to HubSpot. Video content opens up an entirely new audience that can find you. YouTube is the second largest search engine, second to Google. If you’re regularly creating YouTube videos on topics that people care about, then you will likely end up at the top of YouTube search results.

Higher engagement and conversion rates. Video not only increases visibility, but it also increases engagement. People are more likely to share and repost video content than any other type of content.

Video means mobile-first. People are consuming more and more content on their phones and a large percentage of that content is video – ZeenithMedia. If you want people to see your content, it has to be the type of content that is going to show up on their phones – video. Facebook’s algorithm favors video: video content is more likely to show up on peoples’ news feeds. The movement of video is more likely to capture their attention casually scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and get them to stop scrolling. – Lumen5 content marketing blog

Videos get more engagement on social medai.

Takeaway: Measure different outreach tools in terms of their Return on Investment (ROI). How much is it costing you to reach and persuade someone?

Do the math. Videos are more likely to engage people. You can create good videos quickly and for free with just a laptop. This drives your potential return up and the required investment close to zero. Use the free Lumen5 app to reach more people for less.


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